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Welcome to George’s Greek Village, where every meal is a celebration! Our restaurant…

Welcome to George’s Greek Village, where every meal is a celebration! Our restaurant is more than just a dining experience—it’s a delicious Greek food journey that is a vibrant part of the St. Catharines dining community. Let’s dive into the exciting happenings at George’s this past month!

Cosmic Moments: The April 8th Solar Eclipse 🌒

On April 8th, a rare solar total eclipse graced our skies in the Niagara Region, drawing an estimated 1 million tourists from near and far to our community.

At the restaurant, cloudy skies made a perfect view challenging but we enjoyed seeing all the new faces that came into the restaurant over this incredible event!

Below, a picture taken in nearby Niagara Falls, as crowds take in the special event that darkened the skies for a few minutes in the afternoon!

The Chicken Kebob Phenomenon 🍗

Our Chicken Kebob Meal Deal has taken the community by storm! With each succulent kebob sold, we contribute $2 to Community Care, raising an astonishing $54,758.00 to date!! It’s heartwarming to see our patrons come together for a great cause while savoring our mouthwatering kebobs.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Weekend Delights: Branzino and Rib-Eye 🐟🥩

George LOVES switching things up on the weekend’s with special dishes that customers crave but can only obtain once in a while!

Our beloved Branzino, a delicate sea bass grilled to perfection, is a visual and tasty masterpiece that truly is a summertime fave!

And for meat enthusiasts, the 12 oz rib-eye steals the show, accompanied by a rich and flavorful demi-glace. These dishes are poetry on a plate!

We love serving up dishes so plentifully that there is often enough to take home and enjoy later!

Cherishing Mother’s Day 🌼

To all the moms out there, thank you for celebrating Mother’s Day with us! Love, laughter, and our delectable Greek cuisine made it a day to remember. These cherished moments will forever linger in our hearts.

Customer Love: A Symphony of Praise 🎶

We can’t believe that we have over 2000 reviews on Google now!

We are so thankful for this continued flow of support from our beloved customers, letting the world know that they love our food!

Join Us Soon!

Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, we welcome you to dine with us soon. Come savor the flavors, create memories, and be part of our culinary family. Opa!

George’s Greek Village

535 Queenston Street
St. Catharines
ON L2R 7K6

Phone: (905) 684-5484 Website

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