Restaurant Life by the Welland Canal!

Serving up the best in Greek food is always our top priority and being situated right on the banks of the beautiful Welland Canal is a bonus that our customers love this time of year!

Ships Passing Regularly By

Watching the ships passing by is a memorable experience and sometimes, extra special occasions occur.

That was the case recently on April 28th as a tug boat pulled the 116 year old S.S. Keewatin passenger ship right past the restaurant!

Built nearly five years before RMS Titanic, the ship headed down the Welland Canal to a dry dock and then she's moving to the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, where she'll re-open in 2024 for viewing by the public.

Keewatin was one of six ships owned by Canadian Pacific Railways to sail the Upper Great Lakes and was built in Glasgow, Scotland, on the River Clyde, according to the website What a thrill to have this visual spectacle and a piece of Niagara's rich marine heritage right outside our door. This time of year it is likely you will get to see a ship for yourself when you visit make sure to do so if you haven't already!

Crazy Busy | Crazy Good Food!

Life INSIDE the restaurnat has been SO BUSY! It seems like the fabulous weather just brings everyone out to to enjoy a meal and some ambience.

This past month many of our feature dishes have been brough back due to popular demand on the weekends.

Below, a 10 oz. Strip Loin topped with Demi Glace, served up with fresh Greek Salad, Roasted Potatoes, Rice & Bread

Love the taste of a steak?

Our HEARTY Rib-Eye Dinner DRENCHED in a rich red wine demi-glace was another of our beloved features this past month. Guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest hungers!

Letting The Creative Juices Flow

Never one to shy away from creativity, George also brought a new Feature Dish to the crowd recently... BRANZINO STUFFED WITH CRAB AND WHIPPED FETA!

Also in the background a fresh summer drink special called the GREEK OASIS; a refreshing blend of Rum and Blue Curacao!

Our Chicken Kebob Meal Deal In May

Everyone loves our $16 Chicken Kebob Takeout Meal Deal and for the month of May we are donating $2 to the Niagara Children's Centre.
About the Niagara Children's Centre

Niagara's one-stop organization supports nearly 6,000 children and youth to reach their communication, developmental, physical and behavioural goals each year by offering offering speech & language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a variety of other specialized services.

The team at George's Greek Village are thrilled to be a part of this initiative and are thankful for the HUGE support of the Niagara community who continue to make this takeout meal a huge success.

We Like to Move It Move It!

Our staff are the essence of the great service cutomers enjoy at George's Greek Village and we appreciate them so much! It takes a lot of energy to keep up with the pace and we want to take a moment here to give them the shout out they deserve

Join Us Soon for the Best in Niagara's Greek Food!

Now is a great time to visit the restaurant with so much going on and although we have LOTS of regular customers, we always love when new folks visit, so if you haven't already, join us soon!
In closing, we hope you enjoyed our latest newsletter and thank you for reading!

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A Taste of Spring!

We absolutely love when spring is in the air at the restaurant!

Let The Sunshine In!

Our huge diningroom windows and enclosed patio begin bursting with sunshine and warmth to the delight of our customers and the reopening of the Welland canal means the ships start passing by again!

The Welland Canal "Top Hat" ceremony actually took place at the end of March which signifies a beaver fur top hat being presented to the captain of the first downbound vessel on the Welland Canal when the 2023 shipping season kicked off in Port Colborne.

The portion of the lock system right by the restaurant (Homer Bridge) has gone through a fair bit of maintenance in the off season and is now ready to delight customers all season long with the regular ship activity that swings right past our restaurant daily!

Above, a view from our patio when the windows are removed!

Besides our amazing weather outside, the kitchen has been cooking up a lot of deliciousness INSIDE!

Below, a BEAUTIFUL fish dish (Sole filet broiled in garlic, white wine and lemon) is light and tasty...perfect for the warmer months.

Can You Hear It?

SPRING HAS A SOUND IT'S...BUZZING! Below, another busy night inside and in the all season patio at the restaurant!! We love the sound of lots of happy customers enjoying their stay!

Feature Dishes

You love them and we keep them coming on the weekends...our feature dishes!

Below, everyone's favourite GREEK STYLE ribs made the Weekend Features Hit List this month!! (can you see why?...that's a pound of fall off the bone meat)!

Not to be outdone by another one of our popular dishes and the Easter long weekend we also featured delicious LAMB SHANK!


As party season decends upon us, there is lots to look forward to at the restaurant this season INCLUDING booking the banquet room for your party or function!

The large banquet facilities are wonderfully equipped with a separate bar area, restrooms and entrance PLUS views of the wonderful canal area! Please contact us directly for your group's needs and menu preferences For more information visit the link HERE.

In closing, we just can't wait to celebrate the spring season with everyone! Visit us soon for take out or at the restaurant!

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George's Greek Village has always been about giving our customers amazing Greek food and a wonderful experience at the restaurant BUT one of the most important things we always try to do is give back to the amazing community of Niagara that has been so supportive of us since day 1!

Years back when the pandemic started we realized it was more important than ever to consider the less fortunate in our neighbourhoods, so we decided to come up with a way to generate funds for Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold who take on the HUGE task of helping folks get food, shelter, clothing and so much more.

Enter our Takeout Chicken Kebob Meal Deal that raises $2 to the cause for each one sold. Little did we know when we started it that it would grow to generate funds for the needy beyond our wildest dreams!

Above is a picture of George and Manager Daniella in a recent Community Care social post talking about the last year!

Since January 2022 - March 13, 2023, George's Greek Village has donated over $40,000.00!

These special shout outs mean THE WORLD to us and give us more reason than ever to continue to do what we do both inside the restaurant and outside of it in our wonderful City of St. Catharines.

So shifting our focus back to home has been SO BUSY and exciting! Of course the traditional Valentine's Day Dinner had a huge turnout for our 2 sittings and we were happy to host for another year our special "Galentine's Day Dinner"...the day before Valentines for ladies and their bestees!

Below, a fantastic spa package draw basket was part of the night...

Other highlights of the past month were our mouthwatering features like GREEK STYLE RIBS, and BONELESS SHORT RIBS ON TAGLIATELLE PASTA ( a new twist on our short ribs)!

Greek Ribs Back by Popular Demand

What Can We say? You ask for them and we get them! Always a popular feature, our Greek Style Ribs made the lineup again as a feature this month to rave reviews!

Taking It Home

Our take out menu is incredible and a great way to enjoy the convenience and deliciousness of our food in the comfort of your own place. Below, some of our cutest customers visit us at the take out area!

Service with a Smile

And our monthly news updates wouldn't be complete without a shout out to some of our long time INCREDIBLE service staff once and a while like GEORGE below...

Below, another weekend, another happy table having a great time at George's Greek Village! OPA!!!!

What a great month it has been of great food, lots of activity and great times!

If you ever need a pick me up, remember we are just a phone call or a visit away because we believe a delicious Greek meal makes every day better!

Hope to see you soon!

George's Greek Village

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Some folks find this time of year a little on the dreary side and that's one of the reasons we love to switch it up in the kitchen and dining room to keep things entertaining no matter what's going on outside!

We love to have special features on the weekend that are not on the regular menu and this past month George put some wonderful new features togther to add a little creative element to the usual lineup that our customers enjoy.

To that: Pictured above, a FRESH 6 oz Centre Cut Salmon topped with a Tomato Feta Rose served with rice, roasted potatoes, salad and bread was a real treat for the customers as was the Boneless Short Ribs Feature (right) served on a bed of dreamy Tagliatelle pasta!

New dishes aside, some of our features we like to repeat on the weekends because we get so many requests for them.

A classic example of this is our LAMB SHANK dinner. It tastes as good as it looks and is a fantastic choice for big appetites that want to eat it all in the restaurant and smaller appetites that love to take it home to enjoy leftovers later!

Below, a work of art! A lovely lambshank dinner with potatoes and rice.

Weekend Buzz

If you have ever visited the restaurant on the weeked you know there is a buzz of excitement in the air. Great greek music, a cozy diningroom and so many flavourful dishes make George's a must visit for many.

With that in mind we thought there would be no better time to update our website with a photoshoot!

There was a lot going on so here are some of the highlights!

(below George takes a pause and below a busy Saturday night kitchen)

A full house in the restaurant...

A view of our all season patio

Ordering Takeout...

Enjoying the night!

All in all it was a fantastic night for the photoshoot and a BIG thank you to all the guests who were up for the occasion!

The past month of good times, great new (and old) dishes and of course the abundance of smiles made the January blahs...horrahs! We had a blast dishing out the best in Greek food dining!!

On a final note, we welcome you to join us at the restaurant SOON, Valentine's and Galentine's are 2 of our favourite occasions coming up soon and reservations are recommended.

Thanks for reading!

George's Greek Village

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As we reflect on another wonderful holiday season and all the happy faces we have seen come through the door in 2022 we are filled with gratitude!

The music, the bustling banquet hall, the array of traditional Greek favourites being enjoyed and of course the special additions to the menu for Christmas (like the Kourabiedes cookies) made the time so memorable and fun for everyone at the restaurant!

One thing that never goes out of season is the amazing reviews that our cherished customers keep leaving us online!

It is a hectic time with so much action in the diningroom and kitchen and to be able to seamlessly make everything flow is hard work BUT it is all worth it when our customers let us know everything was perfect during their stay!

Reflecting on 2022 there have been some stand out moments, one of course is our celebration of SIX YEARS IN BUSINESS at our beautiful Queenston Street location!

Another would be our priviledge to have been involved with Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold with our Chicken Kebob Meal Deal Program, whose proceeds at last count have reached new heights of over $40,000! WOW!

Our community recognition achieved by winning BEST GREEK RESTAURANT in the Region was also a thrill! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!!

Something that is always happening around the restaurant is that George comes up with new and exciting dishes to feature on the weekend.

This year a boneless Short Rib dish became a huge HIT with our customers and as a result we not only featured it many times, but also made a video to show a behind the scenes play by play.

If you didn't see it, click the picture below to check it out!

Speaking of videos, George's "Cooking with George" series gained more momentum this year with several new ones being shot!

Below, cameraman Carl gets in on a rare shot while the Cooking Videos are being shot with the star of the show!

At the core of everything we do however is not only the food, it is the PEOPLE that work tirelessly here to make things happen be it behind the scenes or front of the house!

Below, Daniella, who continues to be George's right hand woman keeps everything going smoothly with effortless grace and always a smile!

And the restaurant ambience continues to delight our guest as they eat!! Below, enjoying our ever popular all season patio...even through the winter months it is cosy and warm!

As we move on into 2023, we want to thank EVERYONE who has come through our doors and been a part of this past wonderful year at George's Greek Village!! We couldn't do it without YOU!


George's Greek Village

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An Exciting Time at George's Greek Village!

We love what we do, and when we get recognition for excellence from our customers it makes us love it even more !

This year we won in the Standard Newspaper's Reader's Choice Awards for BEST GREEK, so if you haven't visited us yet, maybe this will bring you in the door to check out the restaurant for yourself.

Good food, good portions, good service and good prices have always been a part of our motto and it seems to be a winning combination, folks also LOVE the fact that we serve up such healthy portions that they often have extra to take home with them for later!

November is always a special month for us here as it gets really cozy in the restaurant with our enclosed patio and rustic wood dining room that is a toasty and comfortable.

PLUS it is the month we celebrate the birthday of the man who makes it all happen here...George!

As the snow starts to fly outside, we are all reminded that the festive season is ahead and the restaurant is a great place to take your family or work mates for a meal.

We always try to make things extra special on the weekends with various new feature dishes that you can only get for a limited time.

This past month we tried a new one and it was a HIT. Below, a pic of our delectable GROUPER that was pan seared and then baked to perfection.

Lots of our Feature Dishes make a comeback due to customer demand and this past month was no exception as favourites like LAMB SHANK, RIB-EYE and boneless SHORT RIBS were served up (pictured below).

As we talk about the festive season we always like to highlight our ongoing partnership with Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold with our Take Out Chicken Kebob Meal Deal where we continue to donate $2 for each one sold. The funds raised through this initiative are needed to help folks get food to fill their pantries and other essential services when they need it most so please think about ordering one today!

Another interesting feature to note this season at the restaurant is that the Welland Canal will remain active this year through until Saturday, Jan. 7, 2023 according to authorities, which means there will be wonderful views that will continue at our waterside restaurant for your enjoyment.

(below, another ship passes by...WOW!)

On a final note, we welcome you to join us at the restaurant SOON, there is so much to enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

George's Greek Village

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And just like that we are officially celebrating six years of George's Greek Village!

What an incredible journey it has been and a huge thank you to everyone who has been part of our massive success....we are SO grateful for our customers!

As we all get back into the swing of a regular routine, it's comforting to know that George's Greek Village Restaurant is always here to cook you up a hearty, home style meal, even when your schedule is busy!

Some of the much anticipated features that we had this past month incorporate the creativity and passion that George brings to the kitchen PLUS the heartiness that we all crave when it starts getting cooler!

Below, George cooking up PASTITSIO in one of his most recent cooking videos! As a kid this was one of George's FAVOURITE dishes that his mom made!!

Watch this incredible meal come to life with layers of noodles, seasoned ground beef and a home style bechamel sauce in George's Kitchen (click to see video)

Speaking of homey meals, the Lamb Shank feature is ALWAYS a hit and we recently served it up again because what our customers LOVE we DELIVER! (guaranteed to fill you up)!

Or how about our melt in your mouth RIB EYE and FRESH SALMON DINNER?!

Whether it is for feature dishes OR folks that just come to enjoy the regular menu, part of what makes our 6 years in business so exciting is the positive feedback we get online. It means so much!:)

And with the changing of the seasons there is nothing like sitting in the restaurant this time of year where the colours outside are a feast for the eyes and the food inside is a feast for the tummy... a perfect combination!

And let's not forget the cozy ambinece of the patio...a great place to relax!

And as we reflect on another year in passing, a special message from George in celebrating 6 years!

On a final note, we welcome you to join us at the restaurant SOON as we move forward into another year. Thanks for reading!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St,
St Catharines, ON
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Above, our friends from Tamwood Camps pop in for a visit!

It doesn't get any better in the Niagara Region than a trip to the restaurant where the best of Greek food and the beauty of the scenic Welland Canal can be enjoyed fully!

We always have a packed house these days it seems with a mixture of regulars as well as first timers and we love seeing them all!

Part of what has become a summer tradition here is a special visit from our friends at TAMWOOD CAMPS! Busloads of hungry kids who attend this international camp (from 30 countries in the world) join us after an exciting day of sightseeing in Niagara Falls and then enjoy a delicious meal of wraps, rice and salad! This year was incredible and everyone had lots of fun (including the staff)! :)

Below, enjoying the food in the banquet hall!

What a great summer weather wise it has been this year in the area! So many good times and memories have been made and we look forward to many more!

Above, Grandma and Granddaughter enjoy sharing some time together with a yearly visit that has become a tradition

All of our great food and service could only happen with the support of our amazing service staff, both in front of the house and behind the scenes!

Below, a happy greeting at the door times two!

Daniela, front of house manager working in a busy Banquet Hall!n

Below, as seen on a busy weekend behind the scenes...

And let's not forget those spectacular dishes that George and his team has created to enjoy!


This summer also marked the MOVIE NIGHT at the restaurant where we shot some fresh new footage for our soon to be released video!

Above...another ship rolls through the canal on cue for the cameras

OPA!!! Another Saganaki delights below...

On a final note, as we move into the fall season, we hope you visit us really SOON. The trees are starting to change in colour and although the scenery may be changing outside, you can always count on our award winning Greek food and service remaining the same.

Thanks for reading!

George's Greek Village

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Being Part of the Food Industry Now and Looking to the Future!

Above, George attends the graduation of 2 culinary students(Mankiran and Hansel) that work at the restaurant!!

Summer is a wonderful season at the restaurant as we have so much incredible energy here every day. So many hungry folks walk in our door and just love the hearty and creative meals we serve up along side the fact that they can enjoy the weather outside or inside!

Working along side us in the kitchen to make everything perfect are also some of the budding talents that will be the restaurant owners and chefs of the future and we want to take a moment to congratulate a couple of them pictured above as they begin their food service journey!!

Sizzlin' Weather

Looking at the restaurant this summer, besides being VERY busy it has been sizzling hot out there and the absolutely perfect time to relax and let someone else do the cooking while you sip a cold one on our patio or in our dining room!

Above, summer on a platter! Our phenomenal GREEK SALAD is a colourful array of nutritious deliciousness!

Or how about a traditional Greek Salad with a little chicken on top? Another perfect summer meal!

And if you love the salad, you'll LOVE taking a taste of George's home with you in a bottle of homemade dressing, ready for purchase at the cash!

Another thing about summer time is that lots of folks are busy! That makes our huge takeout and delivery menu more appetizing than ever!

Visit us online or give us a call to enjoy the best of Greek cuisine at home with your family!

WOW!! Check out some of our recent to go meals below!!

Colourful, bursting with flavour and made FRESH DAILY our takeout is AMAZING any way you look at it!

And we couldn't not post the ultimate summer takeout...FETA FRIES!! (delicious and great for sharing)!!

Whether you decide to takeout your food or enjoy the superb ambience of our restaurant while you eat, we want to mention that the reviews online keep pouring in and we thank you for that!

We always appreciate everything our wonderful customers have to say about their food, their service or any other aspect of their experience with us! We read each one and try to respond to them, PLUS it helps us know what customers are thinking so that we can give them the most amazing dining experience ever.

On a final note, as we continue full tilt into the summer season, we hope you visit us really SOON and thanks for reading!

George's Greek Village

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Patio Days Once Again!

George on the Canal side Patio with the Doors Removed for the Summer Season!

Ahhh summer!

We love all seasons at the restaurant, but there is something about the warmer months where we can really enjoy our all season patio with the canal breezes and incredible sights that include the wonder of nature and the excitement of regularly passing ships.

One of the amazing things about the regular ships that go through for our customers to enjoy is that there is no shortage on variety.

From working ships to pleasure crafts we see them all and our customers love the added bonus of entertainment as they eat their meals.

Below, where else would you see up close and personal this incredible armoured ship passing right by the restaurant!

Sights aside, we have had some pretty great meals here lately, particularly when we bring out our very special weekend feature dishes for a limited time.

Back by popular demand our Ribeye Feature dinner has made the rounds more than once this summer already as it is requested over and over again!

Below, 12 ounces of deliciousness! Served with bread, roast potatoes, rice, and Greek salad.

Another huge favourite that we recently brought back is our fall off the bone Greek Style Ribs.

Lately, our savoury dishes and our great ambience get so popular that we have crowds waiting outside our doors to be seated! It is a great "problem" to have, but as we work I overdrive to give the best in service to everyone we want to take a moment to thank all our customers who go out of their way to be understanding as we go throught this unprecendented season!

In a hurry? Not to worry, our take out menu continues to be red hot and with meals like this going out the door it's no wonder...CHECK OUT THOSE FETA FRIES!!!

More dishes below, recently served up in our dining room. As convenient as takeout is sometimes it's nice to relax a bit with a glass of wine and savour the moment in our beautiful dining room

And speaking of enjoying the dining in experience, there are some things that can only be done in our FLAMING CHEESE!

Below, delicious Kefalotiri Cheese, Floured & Sautéed in Olive Oil, Flambéed at Your Table and Served Up with Fresh Bread!!

Below, our modern and spacious banquet hall! This great area can be booked for private parties and features its own entrance bar and restrooms for your enjoyment. To find out more visit the link HERE.

Below another peaceful night on the Welland Canal as seen from the patio.

On a final note, we want to remind everyone that Sunday, June 19, 2022 is Father's Day! Pleae call us for a reservation well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to serving you soon!!

George's Greek Village

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Thumbs up! George's Greek Village is a fun night out for our guests!

The great thing about visiting the restaurant at George's Greek Village, is that it is more than just a place to fill your tummy, it is a wonderful place to relax, socialize and enjoy the connection that community brings!

There are so many amazing dishes that have gone in and out throughout the past couple of years, but, there is nothing like having meal in person in our dining room, scenic banquet room and of course our all season patio!

Below, another busy Friday night gets underway

Always the crowd favourite, the spectacle of the flaming cheese SAGANAKI!!

Orders keep piling in and the kitchen staff is in full swing...

And getting back on to the topic of community, our takeout Meal Deal has now reached an astounding total of over $30,000.00 that just keeps climbing in its proceeds for Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold!!

Besides working hard in the restaurant, keeping thing interesting online is always top of mind to us these days as that's where so many of our customers are!

And to that, the latest Instagram takeout giveaway was won by one of our regulars ( 2 chicken kebob meal deals to go). Congratulations to Brittany Lepp!

A picture that says a thousand words . below is the fuel that keeps us doing what we do! We can't get enough of those online reviews...

Below, making sure every single kebob is COOKED TO PERFECTION takes a steady hand and watchful eye.

Many of our customers comment to us that they LOVE the fact we have vegetarian options that are so amazing as well. We are always listening to make sure our menu reflects customer's feedback.

Spanikopita (Greek Spinich Pie) below

On a final note, we want to welcome anyone who hasn't visited us yet to do so! There couldn't be a better time to do so with the beginning of the ships passing by again in the Welland canal and also the "lift" that the spring season brings upon everything!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to serving you soon!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St,
St Catharines, ON
L2R 7K6

905-684-5484 OR 905-684-5485


OPA! Another Saganaki lights up the night at George's!

The restaurant vibe has been electric with the doors open to happy customers and all of our previous gathering limitations for in person dining lifted!

Diners seemed as excited as we were to get things back to normal as we have been packed both inside and out on our patio with massive demand for the restaurant experience.

Besides the atmosphere there is always something extra special about serving food in person!

Below, fresh from the kitchen, George creates a succulent Feature Breaded Chicken Dinner!

Always a traditional favourite, Chicken From the Village below with the signature slab of Feta!

Below, staff working hard at every about TEAMWORK!

As captured on a Saturday night behind the scenes at George's below!

Our takeout continues to flourish as well on the other end of the business. Here are a few of the delectable dishes that made their way out the door recently...


CALAMARI! A crispy delight everyone LOVES!

A Busy takeout corner from phone call to pick up, Daniella and Helen have things covered...

And the online support continues to flow in from our wonderful customers no matter what is going on in the rest of the world and it is so encouraging to keep doing what we LOVE!

On top of all the amazing developments here, Spring has sprung and there is a sense of fresh new beginnings everywhere this season!

As of March 21st it has become optional for our guests to wear masks as well, so we welcome everyone to visit us in a way that makes them the most comfortable.

On a final note, it has been one heck of a white winter here in the Niagara Region and we are feeling pumped about the season ahead and all the fabulous dining that awaits!

If you haven't visited us lately, we welcome you to do so and we look forward to serving you soon in our banquet facilities, dining room, all season patio or for takeout/delivery!

George's Greek Village

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St Catharines, ON
L2R 7K6

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Another Exciting Season at George's Greek Village!

(above, George tackles the massive snowfall in the parking lot) What a winter it has been and although the cold and snow has been a lot more than we are used to there is no doubt that spring is around the corner and lots of exciting changes are starting to take place!

Because we have been limited to patio dining due to regulations in the past month, we have continued to have massive takeout demand which has been incredible.

In response to the takeout surge, George has made sure to included dishes that are geared for the perfect eat at home meal including Family Platters for 2 and 4, as well as the Chicken Kebob Meal Deal for Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold.

(below, a platter in preparation mode getting ready to go out the door to some hungry customers)

(the staff workflow below is incredible to watch on a Friday night as huge amounts of food are expertly cooked and served up in record time)!

Below, there is always time for a bit of fun in between the work!

Below George presents the latest cheque to Betty-Lou Souter, CEO at Community Care. What an accomplishment during a pandemic!!

Patio anyone? Yes it has been fast paced on the takeout front, but our all season patio continues to delight with its awesome views and great food!

Below, the snow and the splendour as seen on the Welland Canal

Below, a special visit from George's parents !

In other news, a little cold weather couldn't dampen our spirits to shoot a cooking video !
Below George reveals the details on his phenomenol stuffed peppers...the perfect cold weather dish!
(please click the pic to view the video)

Below, more of George's cooking, a feast for the senses! Getting hungry yet?!

On a final note we are THRILLED to be welcoming everyone back inside the restaurant to dine as the restrictions were lifted yet again in Ontario. It is such a wonderful vibe to have folks dining in person again!

Two years in now and we have overcome the seasons of various challenges in the restaurant industry with optimism, thankfulness, creativity and very hard work.

Please come and visit us soon!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St,
St Catharines, ON
L2R 7K6

905-684-5484 OR 905-684-5485

A Busy Festive Season at George's Greek Village!

The spirit of the holiday season was in full swing at the restaurant with lots of diners in our decorated scenic dining room, special gifts, seasonal food PLUS the busy takeout orders that ramped up as folks chose to order in rather than cook it themselves!

Below, our FABULOUS platters for 2 or 4 people were featured over Christmas Eve and New Year's to make the evenings delicious and hassle free.

And of course part of the festive fare included George's homemade Christmas butter cookies Kourabiedes.

These delicious traditional Greek Christmas are packed with almond and butter goodness and then drowned in luscious layers of icing sugar. They are the ultimate Christmas cookie and were available for sale or to enjoy in the resaurant!

To spice things up on Mondays George added a special takeout platter option that everyone loved and made the beginning of the week a lot more delicious!

Our crowd favourite, Lamb Shank Dinner was featured over the weekend mid December. The heartiness of this dish served up with rice, roast potatoes, salad and bread leaves you not only full but usually with a little left overs for later! Yum!!

Also featured for the fish lovers in December was a baked salmon topped with a Bearnaise sauce!

And we can't forget to mention the Festive Meal Deal in support of Community Care of St. Catharines!

This Chicken Kebob Takeout Dinner is still only $15 and $2 for each one sold continued to go to the organization when they needed it most over the holiday season.

Additionally Community Care has seen their number of people they serve rise dramatically with the pandemic and we have been grateful to be in a position to give back in times like these.

Below, the Chicken Kebob Meal Deal

And as lots was happening at the restaurant, many of our wonderful customers took the time to write reviews of their experience online and it really made our day (as it always does).

Below, a colourful array of gift certificates and dressings displayed at our checkout for special stocking stuffer gifts!

After a time of work parties, families and friends gatherings and a huge amount of delicious Greek food being enjoyed over the season, we now have a moment now to reflect as we roll into the New Year.

Despite all the challenges that 2021 gave us, we are so thankful for all the support and another successful year at the restaurant.

Looking ahead, we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2022 full of happiness, health, prosperity and of course... good food!! :)

George's Greek Village

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Working Hard to Bring you the BEST at George's Greek Village!

(Main picture: Serving up drinks with a "smile" in the dining room at George's Greek Village)

We absolutely love our customers and work hard to make sure they get the best experience in food and service every time!

From the front of the house where guests are seated, to behind the scenes in the kitchen our staff are always doing their part to make sure everything is perfect.

Below, checking on the kebobs to make sure they are grilled to perfection!

Whether the party is large or small, our team are experts at delivering a great Greek experience that is not only delicious, but efficient.

Below, a large group relax by the canal side scenic windows indoors.

Besides our dining room, we have a wonderful banquet facility in the back of the restaurant that our guests can book as well.

We are always happy to set it up according to the needs of our visitors to make sure it is a fun and enjoyable experience.

Below, a wedding shower party enjoys food, fun and entertainment on a beautiful afternoon.

Making sure everything goes smoothly takes teamwork and a lot of organization in the kitchen. Below, George is always hands on in the background to make sure everything runs like clockwork

Having a gorgeous all season patio means guests can choose to dine in or outdoors any time of the year.

Below, serving hungry customers in the patio.

Besides the day to day service schedule, George puts a lot of time in after hours as well, creating menu ideas and making feature dishes that will delight.

Below, a recent feature dish, Breaded Chicken Supreme, a colourful medley of delicious!

Also behind the scenes is the tireless work to help the community with special campaigns.

Our ongoing Chicken Kebob Meal Deal for $15 has continued so successfully that the $2 for each one sold has now grown to a whopping $23,059.00 donated to Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold!

Below a recent double check presentation to the organization.

On a final note, as the festive season quickly approaches, be sure to come and visit us in our decorated dining room to get in the spirit and experience our great food and service for yourself!

Below, folks soaking in the ambience of the rustic dining area with seasonal decor.

It is a special time of year to enjoy a meal out with friends, family, or even to grab those co-workers and have a mini work Christmas get together.

The team at George's Greek Village look forward to seeing you all soon and providing you the best in Greek food and service either at our location or for takeout/delivery!

Please also note that at the restaurant we take extra care with covid safety protocols for your safety and enjoyment!

George's Greek Village

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St Catharines, ON
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Fall Days at George's Greek Village!

(Main picture:another ship passes by the restaurant as seen from the all weather patio at George's Greek Village in St. Catharines, ON)

As the leaves begin to change colour with the approach of fall, the view from our restaurant is more beautiful than ever AND with the renovation of the patio area, it can be enjoyed all year long day or night!

Below, a warm glow encompasses diners as they enjoy a wonderful Greek meal! A brand new floor was also installed here enhancing the modern feel of the space!

The wonderful thing about our location is that it can be also enjoyed inside with the beautiful full size windows as well...

Below, the view from inside the dining room frames the Welland Canal and the foundation of the St. Catharines Skyway.

As always, the perfect complement to the view has always been delicious food! George has created some wonderful features to make the season special, like below.

Colourful, flavourful and full of authentic Greek goodness, below, Smoked Cod Dinner with Loukaniko Appetizer!

Dining in is always a treat, and our customers love the ambience and service of the restaurant experience! Below, a happy group enjoying a meal out!

On the takeout side, our extended Chicken Kebob Meal Deal that supports Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold continues to be a hit with everyone!

Below, our latest proceeds generated $1,786.00 for a total of $20, 048.00 to date!! Thanks to everyone for your support! George Presents the cheque below. ($2 for each one sold goes to the organization).

An exciting landmark for us happened October 5th as well and we want to thank all of our loyal customers and wonderful staff for making our 5 year Anniversary a reality!! Cheers to 5 years!!

Below, George who is thrilled to be celebrating this milestone takes a moment from his busy schedule to ham it up for the camera in the kitchen!

Having the success of five years is exciting, but it is always a reminder that we must continue to bring the best in food, value and service to our customers to stay on top!

Glowing online reviews are icing on the cake and really inspire everyone and we are thankful for our customers who continue to let us know that they love George's Greek Village!

As we reflect with gratitude on our successes, it is particularly special to us as the past 2 years have definitely been some of the most challenging a restaurant business could face!

With that in mind though, it is with great optimism that we move forward and look forward to seeing you soon for the best Greek food in town!

George's Greek Village

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St Catharines, ON
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A Wonderful Summer of Food and Friends!

(Main picture: enjoying cocktails on the patio of George's Greek Village in St. Catharines, ON)

There has been a buzz in the air here and what a wonderful summer it has been at the restaurant as all the familiar faces have returned once again visiting us in the dining room and patio!

Stage three has been coming for some time and it has been a "long season” reminisces George, owner of George's Greek Village, reflecting on the past year, “but we are thrilled to see everyone back and looking ahead!"

Since re opening, crowds have been lined up, ready to get back to the in-person experience but it goes both ways, as the 42 person staff at George's is equally excited to have the opportunity to serve the community once again.

Below another Saganaki is served up table side for a family!

Feature dishes have been flowing from the kitchen with everyone back! Here are just a few of the scrumptious options that have been served up!

Below, Angus Striploin & Shrimp!

Shrimp Souvlaki Dinner on the patio equals HELLO SUMMER!

Community Involvement

Our takeout continues to be in huge demand as well, and mention must go to our Chicken Kebob Meal Deal that initiated during the pandemic as a takeout feature with $2 proceeds for each one sold going to Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold.

George decided to continue to deal and recently just broke a staggering $18,000.00 that has been now donated to the community organization and is a huge testament to the support of the Niagara Region!

Speaking of support, those positive Google Reviews keep pouring in and we just have to mention that there is no better compliment to us then when customers take the time to let everyone know they love our restaurant!

And of course, getting back into the swing of things, means it's time for George to get out of the kitchen and in front of the camera once more!

Below, George welcomes everyone back with a special message. (Please click on picture to play)

Special mention to Daniela, George's "right hand woman" at the restaurant and Front of House Manager who has been integral to keeping everything running smoothly!

Below, Daniela and George share a giggle in between camera takes in the dining room!

Wrapping up, it really has been an uplifting and incredible month at the restaurant and we look forward to continuing our tradition of offering the best Greek food and experience in town!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

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Another Stage Closer!

(Above, our incredible all season patio opened once again to the public as Ontario moves through its re opening plan this past month!!)

It has been a "restaurant roller coaster ride" so to speak as we have navigated all the changes of the past year, but we are thrilled that Stage 1 was quickly followed by Stage 2 of the Ontario re-opening roadmap and our patio is back in action!!

Outdoor dining now includes up to 6 people per table (with exceptions for larger households) and it is an exciting time of everyone getting out there once again after a long season of hibernation!

George created an extra special appetizer for guests to enjoy to celebrate this milestone!

below the colourful Seafood Medley is the perfect bite for a summer day or night!!

This past month was another incredible win for our meal deal charity campaign where we donate $2 for each Chicken Kebob meal sold to a local organization.

Our latest proceeds went to the Niagara Children's Centre; recognized throughout the Niagara Region as the provider of rehabilitation and support services to children and youth with physical, developmental and communicative delays and disabilities. We presented a cheque for $2220.00 on June 10th thanks to the generous support of everyone in Niagara (that's a lot of Chicken Kebobs!!)

The Chicken Kebob meal deal is truly a testament to the fact that great things can still come out of challenging situations!

Speaking of great things...we feel so blessed that at a time only patios can be open, our restaurant has such a lovely one to enjoy!

Below by day or by night, the Welland Canal is a feast for the eyes any time of day! Our customers always tell us how much they enjoy our incredible location in the heart of St. Catharines.

Our customers have also been at the forefront of our success in the COVID world where our online presence has become more important than ever. They do this of course by ordering our food but also by taking a moment to let the world know with their online reviews!

Overall it is busy time at the restaurant with things always changing and lots of meals to prepare, so it is no wonder George needs to take a little R and R time once and awhile to recharge for his busy schedule!

Below George takes his mom for a ride in his corvette on a gorgeous sunny day in Niagara!.

Wrapping up, it's exciting that we are re-opening again. We want to ensure everyone knows that we are taking above and beyond measures to keep our restaurant clean and safe with all protocols in place.

And always remember, if you prefer to dine at home we have an incredible takeout and delivery service along with a handy online menu that you can order from. Check it out HERE. or call us for reservations or to order by phone.

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

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Our Customers Make Everything Awesome!

(Above, one of our amazing customers not only loves their food but takes the time to let everyone know online which we APPRECIATE so much!)

The past month has been another one of lockdowns and takeout/delivery/curbside only at the restaurant, but that doesn't mean we aren't "crushing it" despite the odds!

Below, owner George Kountourogiannis posts about the crazy night that was Mother's Day and featured the platters amongst other great dishes:

"I would like to say thank you to all of our customers who supported us this Mother's Day. To all of our 21 crew members today, we would like to say THANK YOU !!! It was a long day but we pushed through and everyone crushed it!! I am proud to have you all here at George's!! Thank you for all you did and again Happy Mother's Day!!!" George and Daniela.

Below, the platters which consisted of 4 pork sticks, 4 chicken sticks, gyro meat, Greek salad, rice, lemon roasted potatoes, bag of pita, bruschetta & tzatziki are always a hit, and especially on the day everyone wants to give mom a break in the kitchen!

Our Chicken Kebob Meal Deal has been extended as well, however we have switched up our charity partnerships this month so that $2 for each one sold goes to Niagara Children's Centre for the month of May.

Niagara Children's Centre is recognized throughout the Niagara Region as the provider of rehabilitation and support services to children and youth with physical, developmental and communicative delays and disabilities and we are proud to support them!

Speaking of our Chicken Kebob Meal Deal, our partnership with Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold and the support of the community meant our most recent cheque from the proceeds of April was presented in the amount of: $1782.00 . We are so happy that we can contribute to great causes even during these most challenging times of COVID! (below,George presents the cheque)And speaking of Saganaki, have you ever seen shrimp look so good?

Our Greek pizzas continue to be a huge hit with our takeout menu! Lately we've switched up the feta for a delicious blend of mozzarella cheese on our Chicken Pizza, giving it that special gooey texture that everyone LOVES!

And as the gorgeous weather descends on the Niagara Region, even though our dining room is not open yet, we still get to enjoy the beautiful views that the regular passing of ships on the Welland Canal give us!

<>Below a snapshot from the patio.

On a final note, it looks like things are gearing up towards opening again in Ontario and although we have no definite dates yet, we are anticipating that we will be able to welcome everyone once again back to the restaurant to dine with us soon.

Until then, it has been incredible how our takeout service has up ticked and as always a shout out to EVERYONE who continues to support George's Greek Village Restaurant!

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

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Spring is Here!

(Above, the first ship of the year on the Welland Canal, March 19th passes by the restaurant as seen from our all-season patio)

Spring is here and there is excitement in the air at the restaurant as we embark upon this season of new beginnings.

First and foremost, it was March 1st that we were able to open our doors again to the dining area and as of March 20th, that number became 50 people.

We missed everyone a lot during these pandemic times, (except for the quick ins and outs picking up takeout orders) and loved the bustle of in house customers coming back!

Below, a fall off the bone dish of Greek Ribs was served up over the weekend as a FEATURE DISH due to popular demand (that's over a pound of meat to enjoy!)

AND just to make the menu extra special, George created this gorgeous Saganaki pizza as a feature app!

And speaking of Saganaki, have you ever seen shrimp look so good? (below, George simmers up a batch of colourful and flavourful Shrimp Saganaki in the kitchen).

Our all season patio has been the scene of some delicious meals and views since its recent re-opening. Below, guests soak up the beautiful ambience of night time and the canal as they dine on their meals.

The excitement of this opening was short lived however as our community went into lockdown again shortly after, but we sincerely enjoyed seeing everyone albeit briefly and are excited moving on the future where we can permanently welcome everyone once again.

Two of our most popular dishes continue to be the Family Platters and the Chicken Kebob Meal Deal which was extended through March as we have had such tremendous demand for it (plus $2 for each one sold continues to get donated to Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold).

Our upgraded online ordering system has contributed immensely to our takeout and delivery success and we continue to make changes to it to serve our customers the best way we can.

And speaking of customers, we have to make mention of how much we appreciate those online reviews. Here is a recent one that really made us smile!!

In case you missed it, March was also the month we released another cooking video from owner George Kountourogiannis.

This time simplicity was the name of the game with a tasty VEGETARIAN DINNER DISH! Please go to the link here: to view it for yourself!

Wrapping things up for another month, it has been a very exciting March as we open up gradually and we can't wait to see you all soon. Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

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Welcome Back!

(Above owner George Kountourogiannis pauses for a moment in his dining room that has finally reopened again to customers)

The month of February came with some great news which is that the Niagara Region moved back into the Red Zone of the COVID framework, meaning we have been able to welcome back our incredible customers into our dining room once again.

Of course, that does come with restrictions of up to 10 people visiting us at one time, so we ask that everyone please call ahead for reservations. Oh, and did we mention we can't wait to see you all again? !!

Of course because this is such a recent event, the bulk of our focus has continued to be takeout, delivery and curbside throughout the winter months and there has been lots of incredible dishes going out the door for folks to enjoy at home.

Our chicken kebob meal deal was extended yet again because our customers loved it so much and we were able to do so much good in the community with its incredible popularity ($2 to Community Care for each one sold).

The most recent donation we made was for $1,628.00, for a grand total of $11,128.00 since COVID began. Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support us through these times!

Other exciting take away meals that have taken off with our customers are the family platters in sizes for 2 people or 4-6 making them the perfect sit around the table and share dishes and a great way to give families a break from cooking every night!

Speaking of families, this year's Family Day (Monday Feb, 15th), was a switch for us as it is usually a very popular takeout date BUT as the Niagara Region came under major snowfall warnings we decided to close the restaurant for the safety of everyone! (the good news is it looks like that may be it for major snow for the rest of the season)!

Other notable events during February include the SUPERBOWL. And no matter who your team was we had some great munchies that folks enjoyed during this must watch game event!

And speaking of munchies, George's newly created Kids Pizza has been a hit! We always love to hear from our customers when they give us great ideas for new menu items.

Another fun thing we did this month was a collaboration with our friend Kristen from @Merritwithchildren, who not only enjoyed a family platter with her family but took the time to give us a shout out on her large Instagram following which was awesome!

Wrapping things up for another month, it has been a great February against all odds and we are looking forward to the summer weather, long patio days and seeing you all again soon.

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

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Making the Most of January!

(Above an order of food we were glad to donate to our wonderful front line workers at the St. Catharines Hospital that continue to work hard for us in this long season of COVID-19)

Ah January! The month of blahs and can't wait for the spring to arrive dreaming! But this January has been so much more than bad weather.

As we saw our community shift into lockdown mode, all of a sudden there seemed to be a lot more to be concerned about than the cold and of course our restaurant was no exception as a small in- dining allowance suddenly became 100% takeout and delivery once again.

With a positive mindset and a jump into action attitude however, George decided to get the good vibes going regardless of the situation, by thinking of new exciting takeout dishes for the customers and also finding ways to give back to the community.

Besides making it a priority to donate meals to the tireless health care workers, he decided to extend the popular Chicken Kebob Meal Deal where customers save $2 off the regular price and another $2 gets donated for each one sold to Community Care.

(by the way to date over the last 2 months this dish has gathered proceeds for the organization to the tune of $3,496.00!)

George expanded the takeout menu as well.

After seeing the incredible popularity of the Family Platters for 4-6 people, customers began asking if he could create a platter for smaller families, so he did just that. Now there is a platter for 2 for just $29.95 with all the trimmings including pork & chicken sticks, gyro meat, Greek Salad, rice, lemon roasted potatoes, hot pitas tzatziki & bruschetta mix.

And so, date night deals was created where 2 people could eat great Greek food for $30 or less!

Also expanded this month was a takeout option for kids.......PIZZA! A delicious fresh medley of tomato sauce, pepperoni and oodles of cheese on a delicious crust FOR ONLY $5!!

Speaking of kids, there are tons of other options prepared just for them at the restaurant, a fact some folks may not realize!

Other features on our takeout menu include 2 Greek Pizzas; a Gyro and a Chicken, topped with George's own garlic spread, pico de gallo, and of course feta for just $13.95!

For those that love a hearty cold weather dish, the kitchen did not disappoint this month as our fall off the bone Greek Style Ribs made an appearance as a special feature dish this month.

And if the fabulous menu was not enough, George put out another great cooking video, this time focusing on his melt in your mouth lamb loin dinner. If you haven't seen it, please click on the picture below to view!

Wrapping things up for another month, in short it has been a season of overcoming new challenges with a positive attitude, a spirit of giving, thankfulness and of course hope for a brighter 2021!

Wishing everyone the best in health and happiness and we look forward to being able to serve you again soon in our beautiful dining establishment, but until then look forward to seeing everyone enjoy our takeout and delivery which can be conveniently ordered online or by phone.

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

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A Year of Change, Reflection and Appreciation as we think About 2020!

(Main picture, some of the hard working kitchen team at George's Greek Village take a moment for the camera)

What a year to review at the restaurant. There have been so many changes, ruminating over next steps forward when things didn't seem clear and ultimately finding our way down a path we never dreamt we'd go down.

Despite all the challenges of 2020, it has been a year of great growth, finding new opportunities, becoming stronger as a team and business and ultimately realizing our secure place in the hearts (and plates) of our community!

At the beginning of December we were still able to do dining room service and had not only lots of hearty special features, but an opportunity for folks to enjoy our brand new all season heated patio with the winter season landscape for the first time - breathtaking!

(Below the Welland Canal blanketed in a fresh layer of snow)

Greek Christmas cookies like these Kourabiedes, (George's mom's recipe) brought a welcome addition to the festive menu at the restaurant! Soft and fluffy with a crunchy bite and rich almond and butter flavour, they were also available to take home by the piece, 1/2 dozen or full dozen.

Below some of our feature dishes at the restaurant this past month that our customers enjoyed!
Beef Tenderloin and Chicken Supreme

Despite a great start to our December indoor dining and following all protocols above and beyond, the ever changing guidelines of our health officials made it necessary for us to really focus on our takeout menu so that we could meet the needs of our customers.

With that in mind, we brought back two special takeout meals that have always been popular with our customers. The first, our family platters which feed 4-6 have had such an overwhelming response in the past that we not only brought them back but added to the menu a family platter for 2 as well, realizing there were smaller families that wanted a great Greek feast as well.

Below, the 2 Family Platters available with or without wine that were featured on the menu.

New Year's Eve was the big night for these takeout meals PLUS the Holiday Chicken Kebob Meal Deal for Community Care, PLUS our regular menu.

Despite being a takeout/delivery only situation with the recent lockdowns George said it could not have been a better night:

"Everyone rocked tonight at the restaurant. It was a very early morning for Daniela and myself preparing for dinner service. I was told that the line-up was to the road, I was amazed. Service went so smooth and with ease and our customers were so kind and happy. I am very grateful."

The Chicken Kebob meal deal was another amazing success as well in December with a total of $1920.00 being donated to Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold from the proceeds of each one sold!

As we write this, the success of the campaign led George to extend the deal through January.

Another innovative promotion we have on the go now that wine can be ordered for takeout is our collaboration with Lakeview Wine Company in Niagara-on the Lake where you can order a bottle of select wines from our menu now until Jan 10th and get a chance to win 1 of 5 prize packs that include a $25 meal voucher from George's and a $20 tasting voucher from Lakeview. Winners will be announced Jan. 11, 2021. (Click on the picture to order select wines online or give us a call)

George is always hard at work thinking of new and creative ways to serve the community as the restaurant dynamic shifts and that also includes some exciting new menu items that have been getting rave reviews like this GYRO Pizza pictured below:

Wrapping up, it really has been a year when we think of a lot of negative things, but let's not forget THE BEST of 2020 as we embark on 2021! Thank you as always for your support Niagara!

Stay Safe and Well!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

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(Main picture, the Chicken Kebob Meal Deal is back with $2 off & $2 to Community Care for each one sold!!)

What an unbelievable year this has been so far at the restaurant! So many new challenges and yet so many things to be more thankful than ever for.

An anchor of our business has always been community engagement, giving back and always remembering that it is the people of Niagara Region that have been the backbone of making our business a success.

With that in mind and the festive season upon us once again, George decided that the successful Chicken Kebob Meal Deal would be great to add to the December line up again. In the summer the restaurant was able to generate $6004.00 in donations to Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold and we are trying to beat that goal again as the organization has seen greater need than ever with the pandemic and we know this will help them a lot!

If you would like to help us and eat a fabulous takeout or delivery Chicken Kebob meal please give us a call and order!

And speaking of caring and community, who better to show our support to these days then the frontline workers who continue to go above and beyond to keep us safe.

Below, we just donated 30 lunches to the medical/oncology unit and infection control team at Niagara Health to say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!


We would like to let everyone know at Christmas that we offer a great gift option which is GIFT CERTIFICATES in the amount that works for you! Please contact us and we will be glad to set you up with some if you are looking for a tasty stocking stuffer idea or something to slip into a card!


If you're thinking of visiting us at the restaurant sometime soon, we can't wait to see you! We have all safety protocols in place for your enjoyment and peace of mind.

While you're here, why not check out our beautiful all season patio that looks out on to the Welland Canal? This is the first time guests will be able to enjoy the splendour of the winter season from inside this snug dining area while eating our fabulous dishes and we are excited for everyone to try it out as it is such a special addition to the dining room.


Weekend feature dishes have continued to be a staple that everyone looks forward to and with the colder season, George has put some great hearty & delicious Greek dishes together!

Below, Beef Tenderloin, our incredible 10-12 oz. Beef Tenderloin Covered in a Red Wine Demi Glace and Topped with Feta, served with Greek Salad, Bread, Rice and Roasted Potatoes!


Our takeout has been extended recently for the convenience of our customers to be available during all of our opening hours. Some great things that we have highlighted on our takeaway menu include the family platter which is hands down the best feast in town for four!!

This wonderful dinner includes: Homemade Chicken Souvlaki, Pork Souvlaki, Rice, Potatoes, Greek Salad, Hot Pitas, Tzatziki, Bruschetta and Gyro! Pre order yours today!!


What better time than this to get George back in the kitchen on his cooking channel! In case you missed it, we shot a series of videos last year and we got a tremendous response to them, so we started a new series and the first one this time around is the amazing Branzini (European Sea Bass)! If you haven't seen it click the picture below to view!

On a final note, we hope you have enjoyed reading all our latest updates and look forward to serving you soon!

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

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Passion for the Business & Teamwork: A Recipe for Success in Uncertain Times!

(Above restaurant owner George Kountourogiannis and House Manager Daniela Goldsworthy head the team at George's Greek Village)

Uncertain times have taken their toll, especially in the restaurant business, but George's Greek Village continues to successfully navigate these unchartered waters and maintain a flourishing business, but how do they do it?

"Passion for the business is key!" says George who puts in a hectic 7 day work week 15 hours a day.

"I know we have a great quality restaurant here, but I have to be here and give it everything I've got to keep it on top, which I am more than happy to do because I love it."

George's right hand woman Daniela is also integral to running the business successfully.

"Daniela and I have regular strategy meetings to discuss what we can do better to give our customers the best experience possible regardless of the current COVID situation. Again, it's that teamwork and our passion for the business that gives us the edge."

When the food hits the plate though, customers are drawn in to the authentic Greek food, great portions and great prices!

Below last Weekend's Feature Dish the 12 0z Ribeye Steak topped with demi-glace and shrimp was such a hit that it sold out the first night!.

George is always getting super creative in the kitchen and that results in LOTS of delicious and unique dishes getting served up this past month, some of which included: Oyster Apps, Greek Style Ribs and a mouth- watering Chocolate Baklava for those dessert lovers!

Below a feast for the eyes and tummy: Oysters and who can resist a piece of decadent Chocolate Baklava!

Keeping in touch with the community is something always prioritized at George's Greek Village in between serving up dishes. This month George was featured in the Business Link Magazine, check out the spread HERE.

And did we mention it is our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY?!! What a milestone and thank you to the customers who have helped make this happen!

Below, one of our many customers who take the time to review us online and help promote the business. We appreciate it beyond words!!

Wrapping up, a quick reminder to everyone that WE REMAIN OPEN IN THE DINING ROOM AND ALL SEASON PATIO WITH COVID PROTOCOLS IN PLACE FOR YOUR ABSOLUTE SAFETY AND PEACE OF MIND! If you prefer to take food home with you, our convenient online ordering service is on the go daily OR simply give us a call for takeout/delivery.

Below, another gorgeous night in the newly renovated all season patio!

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

905-684-5484 OR 905-684-5485

Fall - A Season of Change, Reflection & Gratitude!

(Above our guests enjoy dinner on our four seasons all weather waterside patio overlooking the Welland Canal)

When fall arrives, there is always an element of change in the air as the leaves turn colour and the temperatures begin to dip.

This year, fall has meant a continuation of many changes in our world and there has been no exception at the restaurant as we follow ever changing health guidelines set out by our government while at the same time maintaining a safe and enjoyable dining experience for our customers.

(Below, a family enjoys a great Greek meal at the restaurant!).

Because COVID-19 has been such a time of reflection for many, owner George Kountourogiannis thought it would be the perfect time to talk about what has been going on at the restaurant, the impact the situation has had on day to day operations and his gratitude for the unbelievable community support that has not only seen George's Greek Village survive, but THRIVE during these times.

George takes a moment out of his busy day on the patio. To see the one-on-one interview please click the link HERE or the photo below.

As the month has progressed and Phase 3 has continued for the restaurant industry, by popular demand Feature Dishes has become a regular part of the weekend excitement once again at George's Greek Village.

Below, our most recent Feature was a SMASH HIT! Is it any surprise though? Tender & juicy, the 10 oz. Angus Striploin served with shrimp and topped with a creamy Feta Bearnaise Sauce is the perfect autumn weather dish that's hearty and delish!

Other incredible Features over the month have included our Branzini (also known as European Sea Bass) as well as our fall off the bone Greek Style Ribs (pictured below)!

Features aside though, it is our community loyalty in every aspect that keeps us inspired! From our dining room to our patio to our bustling take out service, to the amazing online comments and feedback we get, this is so appreciated!

And speaking of being appreciated, we really appreciate that we have been nominated for an incredible 9 categories in this year's THE STANDARD'S READER'S CHOICE AWARDS including best Greek Restaurant.

Voting is open until October 11, 2020, so as a side note if you love our restaurant and have not entered your vote yet, please visit the link HERE to do so and thank you in advance!!

Switching gears for a moment now, did you know we are almost on the cusp of another anniversary? It's true, October marks 4 years since George made the monumental decision to leave the Lake Street location forever and begin the epic success story that George's Greek Village has become!

That being said though, George says "it's the best decision he has ever made", and with the incredible work ethic and passion of long time staff members like his "right hand woman" Daniela Goldsworthy, it has been made possible.

Below, George and Daniela have worked as an incredible team together since the opening of the restaurant!

And a big part of our restaurant's unique appeal besides the food is the view! If you have never been waterside along the canal at night, we encourage you to do so some time as it is magical!

Views like this can be enjoyed outside or inside the restaurant every night!

Reflecting on the changes in the past year from his rooftop deck at the restaurant, George reminisces about everything calling the COVID experience "humbling" and says he's gained a fresh appreciation for the restaurant he is so passionate about as well as thankfulness for the people that have continued to support him and his business. "Thank you Niagara"! says George for everything!

Overall it has been a season of change thus far and the exciting news is that there are still more to come! Stay tuned for that ?!!

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

905-684-5484 OR 905-684-5485

Looking to the Future with Enthusiasm!

(Above a double rainbow is captured in this beautiful photo taken on our waterside patio overlooking the Welland Canal)

Whenever you see a rainbow it reminds you not only of the beauty of nature but hope of new beginnings and things to come.

Our community and world in general have been for some time in a standstill as COVID-19 caused so many changes to our everyday life, but at the restaurant we have truly begun to realize change is in the air.

Our dining room has re-opened; alongside our patio and the flow of our loyal customers in and out of our doors, enjoying our food and service has been a wonderful experience with so much positive feedback from everyone!

(Below, enjoying a kebob dinner with a glass of wine on our all season patio).

That being said, there is no doubt that this has been a challenging situation for everyone. Learning and maintaining all the new health protocols including distancing and wearing masks, but the out pouring of support have meant so much to us. Countless customers have taken the time to write us positive reviews and have noted our high standards in COVID-19 protocol, which we really appreciate!

And speaking of our great customers, a special shout out to Richard Salazar who came by for a meal and shot this wonderful video! Please click on the picture to view it for yourself.

As much as we have enjoyed beefing up our takeout and delivery menu and adding a convenient online ordering service from 11-4 pm every day during the shutdowns, it has been special to see folks enjoying the food in person again and there have been lots of Feature Dishes lately to enjoy!

Below, George's FANTASTIC Branzini (also known as European Sea Bass), is an iconic Mediterranean fish that has delicate, white flesh and a mild flavour. Here it's served up with rice, potatoes, salad and bread to complete the meal.

And fish lovers had lots to celebrate this past month as another one of our Feature Dishes was RED SNAPPER.

(Below, how beautiful is that plate with rice, Greek salad and a side of George's homemade tzatziki?)

For those with a hearty appetite and a love of ribs, our fall off the bone GREEK STYLE RIBS were a hit this past weekend and flew out of the kitchen!

And a big part of our restaurant's unique appeal besides the food is the view! If you have never been waterside along the canal at night, we encourage you to do so some time as it is magical!

Views like this can be enjoyed outside or inside the restaurant every night!

Overall, we just are so enthusiastic about the future as our summer has been busier than ever despite all the changes and we are so grateful for the ones that have made that happen...our customers!

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

905-684-5484 OR 905-684-5485

SHIFTING GEARS - Summer Brings Changes With Patio & Stage 3 Re-Opening of the Restaurant!

(Above our waterside patio now open with safety protocols in place is regularly filled with socially distanced customers eager to enjoy our Greek dishes and the beautiful view once again)!

Gears are finally shifting in our community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which shut all restaurants down (except for takeout/delivery) March 17th with the State of Emergency that was declared in Ontario.

Challenging times? Definitely! But with a little creativity and the overwhelming support of an incredible community we have had the honour of being able to serve you, beef up our online ordering systems, and figure out ways to give back to folks that need it most in these unprecedented days.

Below, the third cheque in a series presented to Betty-Lou Souter from Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold by George Kountourogiannis for a GRAND TOTAL of $6004.00 that was collected and donated with the proceeds of our Chicken Kebob Meal Deal where we gave $2 to the organization for each one sold! Thank you to our loyal customers!!

Life at the restaurant opened up a little when patios were officially allowed to host customers again in June and as always our patio does not disappoint with the food served or the views to be seen! Below, The USS St. Louis passes by (a Freedom-class littoral combat ship of the United States Navy. She is the seventh ship in naval service named after St. Louis, Missouri) How cool is that?

On the takeout and delivery part of our business, things have been humming and our new convenient online system open from 11-4 pm has been something really embraced by our customers and kitchen staff as well.

And speaking of takeout and delivery, below, back by popular demand our Father's Day Family Platter was a sell out! And no wonder this delicious dinner for 4 included: Homemade Chicken Souvlaki, Pork Souvlaki, Rice, Potatoes, Greek Salad, Hot Pitas, Tzatziki, Bruschetta and Gyro for a great value.

So looking ahead, we are thrilled to be able to tell everyone that our indoor dining will be opening up again alongside our patio on Friday July 24th at 11 am. That being said, there will be some things to be aware of so that you can enjoy yourself at the restaurant as we all must observe the governmental regulations currently on the go.

As we are in the St. Catharines area of the Niagara Region, please note that masks are mandatory in indoor spaces here. That means when you enter the restaurant and are guided to your table (patio or inside) you must wear a mask. Once seated with your group (maximum 10) you may remove your mask to enjoy your dining experience as all of our tables have been appropriately spaced for distancing.

Restrooms are also available for our patrons and our servers will provide you with any additional information you require when you visit.

Reservations are recommended for any of our dining experiences (but not mandatory) as we have a limit of 50 people inside the restaurant and 12 tables on the patio. Our last reservations for the day are at approximately 8 pm and the restaurant is open daily from 11 AM-9 PM M-Saturday, Sundays 11:30 AM-9PM.

But what's on the menu for the big opening weekend you ask? Good question! After some thought, George decided one of our most popular dishes, the Lamb Shank Dinner would be a wonderful welcome back dish! Also on the Feature Menu for the Weekend will be our AMAZING Greek Pizza and a delightful Loukaniko Appetizer (plus all our other regular menu dishes).

Overall we have had an incredible summer so far at the restaurant and we are absolutely over the moon that we can see you all back soon (don't forget your maskJ) as we switch gears into STAGE 3 of re-opening!

If you'd like to enjoy our food in the comfort of your own home, our takeout and delivery is always available by calling, or visiting us online to place your order. Our full take out menu can be viewed on our home page HERE.

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


New Beginnings - Life at George's Greek Village!

As the spring changes into summer and a new season comes upon us, there have been a lot of new beginnings at the restaurant as well over the last month.

An exciting addition to our ordering line up has been a new online system where lots of our customers have taken advantage of being able to either order their meal or pre-order it during its soft launch where we have it open from 11-4 pm each day at: . If you haven't checked it out yet, we encourage you to do so and of course we are always glad to take your orders by phone!

This is a wonderful example of how the pandemic although challenging in some respects has had a positive outcome as the online system will be a great tool now and always for everyone!

As we mentioned in the last blog post, our popular Chicken Kebob Charity Meal Deal allowed us to donate $2000 to Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold, and as we decided to extend this deal, this past month resulted in an incredible NEW donation that was made possible by your generous support for $2212.00!

Below, George passes a cheque to Betty-Lou Souter, the CEO

George has been really busy spreading the love lately, and this month thought that the Dialysis Team at the St. Catharines Hospital would enjoy a Greek lunch on the house!

Below, on site presenting 40 yummy chicken breast meals! Thank you to the amazing health care providers for your incredible work!!

The biggest new beginning this month of course though, has been the official STAGE 2 re-opening of the waterside patio.

What a thrill to do table service again after these past few months. We're not sure if the customers or the wait staff were more excited to get going this past Friday June 20th!!

Below, Saganaki gets served up in person again!

Of course we should mention, although we have had a chance to begin re-opening, we are taking the utmost precautions to make things safe for everyone and if you are planning to visit us, reservations are still a great idea.

Right after the patio opened, we had Father's Day! To make it special for dad we decided to roll out our Family Platters by pre-order only (a dinner for 4 that includes: Homemade Chicken Souvlaki, Pork Souvlaki, Rice, Potatoes, Greek Salad, Hot Pitas, Tzatziki, Bruschetta and Gyro).

On a final note, our delivery and takeout continues to be red hot and we want to take the opportunity of saying thanks to everyone for being so supportive of us during these unusual times.

If you love our restaurant and food, we would appreciate your support as once again the coveted Standard's Reader's Choice Awards are on again! You can nominate us by visiting the link HERE.

For now, as we embrace the new beginnings in our community we look forward to seeing you soon and providing Niagara's #1 Greek food either to your door, for pickup or on our patio!

Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


Weird & Wonderful
Reflecting on a Most Unusual Time at the Restaurant

(Main picture, a Takeout Meal of Greek Salad, Bread, Rice, Potatoes and Lamb Kebob!)

There's a great deal of talk these days about the "new normal" as we continue through the COVID-19 crisis, so, when it comes to the restaurant we would have to say lots and lots of takeout has become our "new normal!!"

It has been a real shift from our regular operations where we usually love hosting guests in our beautiful dining room that overlooks the Welland Canal.

Below, another incredible view as a ship passes by the restaurant!

But the good news is that lots of new and positive experiences have happened regardless of the current situation!

Finding a creative way to help the community while allowing folks to enjoy our food has been a big part of what we have been doing.

That said, our Chicken Kebob Meal Deal was created. An initiative where this popular dish could be ordered at a discount for diners and we would donate to local charity Community Care for each one sold.

The overwhelming success of this campaign led George to extending it for another month and also being able to donate a $2000.00 check to Betty-Lou Souter, CEO of Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold!

Below, the social distancing presentation of the check

Besides this special campaign our takeout and delivery activity has been unprecedented and for that we are really thankful to the Niagara community.

Easter was a great opportunity to showcase our many delicious fish dishes and was enjoyed by many...

And on a daily basis our regular takeout specials are always a hit as are so many of the other great Greek dishes!

And of course Mother's Day, we thought it fitting to create a wonderful family meal experience for takeout on a day when many would usually have taken mom out for dinner.

We decided to offer a Family Platter for 4 for only $49.99 and our phone lines went crazy for pre-orders on this delicious shareable option.

Another "new normal" for our takeout has been the addition of alcohol. Now you can add wine or beer to your takeout or delivery meal. We have a wide variety of options including domestic & imported bottles of wine as pictured below.

Looking ahead, it seems that life is starting to reopen a bit and we are anticipating a day very soon when we can welcome everyone back to the restaurant (what a day of celebration that will be)!!

In case you haven't heard, right before the shutdowns, we just completed renovations on our phenomenal patio space that was converted to an indoor/outdoor space. Although empty right now, we have no doubt it will be the hotspot once we can welcome guests back in again!

Below, the beautiful new patio.

A reminder to everyone that we continue to operate regular business hours for pick-up and delivery with curbside and contactless options available! Also we are offering St. Catharines residents free delivery with a minimum $35 purchase! Our full take out menu can be viewed on our home page HERE. Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


We're All in this Together!

Main picture, preparing takeout and delivery at George's Greek Village)

Well, first off we really miss seeing everyone on a regular basis in the dining room and enjoying all the wonderful energy and positive vibes our amazing customers always brings to the restaurant!

That being said, this past month has been an unbelievable shift for everyone as our community's health has taken centre stage and we all must adapt for the time being with the COVID-19 health crisis.

We're so grateful at Georges that we are still able to create delicious Greek dishes that are available for takeout or delivery, and, although a majority of our business is dine-in, the amazing support of our loyal customers has meant that we have had some days with customers lined up (while still social distancing) to pick up one of their favourite dishes. (Thanks everyone)!

Below, some Lamb Chops and a Chicken Greek Salad to go!

Another switch to our regular routine has been the Ontario government's announcement to allow liquor, wine and beer to also become available for takeout or delivery, which has been a nice addition to the lineup for some of our customers!.

In reflection of how stressful things have been for everyone, one of the positive aspects is that in times like these we are able to pull together and help each other when we need it most. With that in mind and with great respect for all the frontline workers who are giving it their all, we decided what better way to show our appreciation then donate some freshly prepared meals to these heroes?

Below some platters sent to the frontline workers at St. Catharines hospital made with love!!!!

Another sector of our community that really gets hit hard with need in times like these is our local Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold who provide food, housing and medical security to people locally.

With that in mind we put our heads together to come up with a winning combination for everyone (we think)! For the entire month of April we are offering our popular chicken kebob dinner for $2 off to customers and donating $2 to the organization. If you've not tried this dish yet, we invite you to do so and know that you are helping a great cause at the same time!

On a final note, our beautiful patio renovation was just completed before the health crisis started and it is a little sad seeing it empty right now, but we are looking forward more than ever to having it open for business soon and seeing you all again!

Below, a brief window of opportunity provided these customers a chance to check out our award winning views of the Welland Canal just before the restaurant's closure.

A reminder to everyone that we continue to operate regular business hours for pick-up and delivery with curbside and contactless options available! Also we are offering St. Catharines residents free delivery with a minimum $35 purchase! Our full take out menu can be viewed on our home page Stay well and stay safe everyone!!!!!!!!

Hope to see you soon!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


To Our Valued Customers,

George's Greek Village is committed to taking steps to ensure the safety of everyone during these troubling times regarding COVID-19.

Strict cleaning and sanitation procedures have been implemented for all of our employees. George's Greek Village staff members regularly wash their hands while maintaining a safe and clean work environment.

Moving forward, a strict sanitation protocol has been implemented for everyone's protection. From the front doors of the restaurant to the patio, kitchen, tables, chairs, counters and door handles, we are thoroughly wiping down everything with a disinfecting solution on a regular basis.

For your part, we ask that customers please wash their hands and use hand-sanitizer as instructed by the CDC

By everyone doing their best to follow proper procedures, George's Greek Village will remain a clean and safe environment where friends and family come together.

For more information on recommended cleaning and disinfecting procedures, please click the link below:

Thank you,

George Kountourogiannis
George's Greek Village

Fantastic February!

February is always a little miserable outside, but we love it here at the restaurant because there is so much great stuff going on inside!

Of course a big attraction is always Valentine's Day and we had an absolutely packed house full of couples from around the Niagara Region who celebrated romance with some wonderful Greek dishes in our beautiful dining room.

This year we had some really special things to dine on which included an incredible appetizer of Oyster, Spinach and Feta with main dish choices that included Smoked Cod with Pasta or the Shrimp Souvlaki Dinner!

Below, this appetizer is as colourful as it is delish! And the Smoked Cod with Pasta is actually a brand new dish that everyone seemed to love as they celebrated on the 14th.

Due to popular demand, we hosted our SECOND annual Galentine's Day as well on the 13th. A ladies' night out at the restaurant where family members, friends and besties came out to celebrate the women in their lives that they love.

Our features were the ever popular Salmon Dinner and Chicken from the Village. To sweeten the deal we also had a draw for a fabulous spa gift basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets.

So on another note; family love was on the menu this month as George and his son Theo travelled guessed it...Greece!

Sightseeing, visiting relatives and of course FOOD were all a big part of the vacation.

Below, Theo stands outside his grandfather's childhood home.

And what is a trip to Greece without a visit to the Parthenon. Below George and Theo take a shot in front of this jaw dropping monument.

The trip brought fresh food inspiration to George upon arriving back home and he promptly created another amazing new dish for customers to enjoy!

Below, Loukanikoa Greek Sausage medley

Wrapping up, we look forward to catching up with you again soon as the long awaited spring season approaches and with it dreams of patio days at the restaurant!

By the way, if you have been by recently you will notice there have been some exciting new changes to our waterside patio, but, we will fill you in on all the details soon!!

Hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter. If you are interested in learning more about George and his cooking, why not subscribe to his new YouTube Channel? If you haven't already, you can do so by clicking the link HERE.

Hope to see you soon!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


Fun Filled Fabulous January!

Oh those January "blahs"...we just haven't had them at the restaurant!

Super warm outside temperatures and lots of fun stuff going on inside have all contributed to big crowds and an incredible January, despite its reputation!

So, first off...the FOOD! George has been super busy whipping up new and exciting Greek dishes for everyone to try and enjoy. It's always about the creativity and delicious mix of flavours that keeps everyone guessing and coming back for more!

Below, a yummy Ground Lamb Kebob Combo!

Below, Pork never looked so GOOD! Carmalized Porkloin, with Onions and Feta...OPA!

Crazy about fries? We're still on the fence about figuring out the official name for these ones...Greek Poutine? Greek Coney Fries? All we know for sure is that they're topped with a ground lamb ragu topped with feta and they taste AMAZING!

Oh and let's not forget the add on of some new specialty coffee that we are proudly serving at the restaurant now for all you coffee aficionados!!

Below, enjoying an Espresso!

Another thing that George cooked up this month was a unique Jamaican and Greek Fusion meal...Jerk Chicken with dirty rice, potatoes and Greek salad to be exact!

But why did he do that? It was just the perfect menu for a crowd from 105.7 EZROCK in St. Catharines who flocked in for an exciting night to find out who was going to win a grand prize for 2 to a luxury Sandals Resort in Jamaica!

Below, George with Lori and Curtis from the morning show address the huge crowd of trip qualifiers before eating a feast and finding out who the lucky BIG winner was!

Below, the EZ Rock crowd hamming it up and enjoying the atmosphere!

What an awesome month January was...whew! It flew by fast with all the activities! Still lots more on the go though... If you haven't already please sign up for George's new cooking show on YouTube. Just go to the link HERE. This month we featured LAMB BURGER

ALSO UPCOMING: Our second annual GALENTINE'S DAY LADIES NIGHT OUT CELEBRATION! Featuring a special menu, drinks and prizes! Call 905-684-5484 to reserve.

Looking forward to a just as fabulous FEBRUARY season!! Thanks for reading and see you soon!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


A Festive December at George's Greek Village!

We love the holiday season at Georges Greek Village

It gives us the chance to deck the halls in the restaurant and Banquet Hall , roll out our special Christmas dishes and of course enjoy the spirit of the season with our amazing customers.

This year our traditional KOURABIEDES COOKIES (a delectable Greek butter cookie) literally flew off the pan! We offered them in the restaurant as well as the option for folks to take them home to enjoy.

Another popular and seasonal treat was our sparkly stocking stuffers featuring Greek candies and George's famous Greek dressing which many took advantage of which made a tasty (and economical) gift for loved ones!

Of course there was lots of special get togethers because of the season as well. Many came from our local business communities and lots of private parties kept things absolutely humming in the restaurant!

Below, a group from the Otters swim team join us for their annual Christmas Party!!!!

Oh, and did we mention that Santa Claus himself showed up? Yes Santa LOVES Greek food and he always finds a way to fit us into his also busy schedule.

Below, Santa steals the show for our 2nd annual staff kids Christmas party!

So Christmas spirit aside for a moment, as we mentioned in last month's blog, a Cooking Show is in the works with George and in the first week of December we actually had the camera crew in to kick start the series!

We started it off with George's popular Shrimp, Feta and Ouzo recipe! Check out the link here if you haven't seen it!

Below, George hamming it up for the cameras:

In retrospect our December was top notch in every way and such a happy time for everyone!

The end of the holiday season is always a grand finale at George's Greek Village as well as we serve up our New Year's Eve dining experience.

This year we decided to feature one of our most popular dishes which is the Lamb Shank Dinner! We had a packed house for our 2 seatings at 5 pm and 7 pm before we closed things up to celebrate New Years Day with family and friends.

Below, the Lamb Shank Dinner

A special thank you to all our customers for making this 2019 an unprecedented year for our business, we look forward to serving you in 2020 and wish you all a Happy New Year from the team at George's Greek Village!!!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


George's Greek Village - It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

We've now had a couple of real snowfalls in the Niagara Region and it is really beginning to feel like the season of Christmas is upon us at the restaurant!

Our Banquet Hall is in full swing with events (we are honoured to be the place where the staff at the Region decided to host their morning meetings as seen in the setup below)!

And we've been decking the halls, making the restaurant a wonderful place to catch that Christmas spirit while you dine!

Weekend Features have continued to bring in large crowds, despite the weather!

From our "light delight" Red Snapper to our hearty and ever popular Lamb Shank Dinner, there have been lots of great

Greek meals enjoyed over the last month along with the regular menu!

OK, but let's not forget about those DESSERTS!

Ever popular this time of year, we've got Greek cookies to take home with you making gift giving easy, or, if you prefer, lots of delicious snacks to keep under your own roof!!

Below, our famous Christmas cookies "Kourabes". Soft and fluffy with a crunchy bite and rich almond and butter flavour these homemade delights can be purchased by the piece, half dozen or by the dozen!!!

If you're looking for another great gift idea, check out these charming George's Greek Village Salad Dressing and Greek Candy packages!! Perfect stocking stuffers!!!

All gifts aside, there is nothing like simply sitting in the warm ambience of the restaurant with a nice cup of coffee and enjoying a sweet treat!

Below, BAKLAVA! Crushed walnuts, cinnamon and sugar, layered with delicate filo pastry, topped with our secret syrup.

Exciting Things Ahead!

You may remember, that we have officially launched a George's Greek Village YouTube Channel! We are excited to announce that we will be kicking off some new video footage featuring George working his magic in the kitchen with some recipes! If you haven't already, please subscribe to our channel HERE:

We also have an active FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM account and would love for you to join in to keep up to date on what is going on at the restaurant!

Reflecting on November, we have to also mention it was George's 50th Birthday!!! (Nov 2)

In conclusion, it has been a great month as we kick into festive high gear and look forward to welcoming everyone to join us for great Greek food and holiday spirit filled ambience. Dine in or Take-Out!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


George's Greek Village in October

What an incredible October it has been and to top it off, we just celebrated our third anniversary of opening at George's Greek Village officially on October 6th!

Anniversary weekend was spectacular and it's amazing how fast the time has flown by as well as how the community of Niagara has supported us with record crowds daily and by voting George's the #1 Greek Restaurant and Patio in the Region.

George's Chicken Supreme was featured for the special occasion, a pan seared boneless chicken breast and then baked in the oven topped with Pico De Gallo !

Three Years of Great Memories and Great Food!

One of the mainstays at the restaurant has been George's endless pursuit of creating exciting new feature dishes! His unique twist on authentic Greek flavours have brought many colourful and flavourful dishes to the table!

Below, Scallops, Greek Style Ribs and a Greek Pizza have been some of the many surprises guests have had to enjoy on top of the regular menu favourites.

In addition to the food, the patio and Banquet Hall have continued to explode in popularity and been the scene of so many special occasions: wedding receptions, birthdays and more.

Below, the Tamwood Camp crowd from Toronto have made George's Greek Village a regular stop on their Niagara Falls Tour Trips this past summer!

Below, patio season started early for us this year with our first table in early April!!

Another exciting addition to the George's Greek Village lineup this year was the addition of the official YouTube Channel! Stay tuned for new videos coming shortly and if you haven't already.

Finally, the month of October was also an exciting one for the Kountourogiannis family as they flew out to India for the second celebration of their son's wedding! Below Ishani and Brian, the happy couple!

Overall October was a very busy and beautiful month for everyone in the restaurant! We look forward to the future and invite you to join us for the best in authentic Greek cuisine. Dine in or Take-Out!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


George's Greek Village in the Spotlight this September

It has been a beautiful fall season at George's Greek Village with plenty of people and platters of great Greek cuisine passing through the restaurant, but, there has been a lot of buzz around the business as well!

We were honoured to be featured in the September 2019 Issue of Niagara's Business Link Magazine .

Below George poses on the cover:

In the two page spread, George reflects on the exceptional business he has enjoyed since opening on Queenston Street just three years ago, with his secret sauce being "great food, great prices, great service and great portions!"

Above, George and his "right hand woman" Daniela Goldsworthy who is Front of the House Manager are pictured in the magazine.

For the complete article write up, please visit the link HERE.

Another exciting addition to the George's Greek Village Brand has been the creation of a dedicated YouTube Channel that now focuses on a collection of all the exciting video footage that has been shot through the years.

From special occasions to great overviews of all the restaurant has to offer , the channel is a wonderful showcase that will be featuring new content in the months to come as well so please stay tuned!

To subscribe and check it out for yourself, please visit the link HERE.

Another exciting aspect of George's Greek Village this month has been the nomination of the restaurant in The Standard's Reader's Choice Awards by our wonderful Customers!

The restaurant was nominated in an incredible 7 categories including best Greek Dining in the Region and the results will be tabulated soon, so we will keep you posted!

Finally we just wanted to mention a great milestone that we will be achieving in the month of October which is the third Anniversary of the restaurant opening on October 5th!

In reflection, the success of the restaurant and the overwhelming support of the community has been incredible and we look forward to the season ahead in bringing you the best Greek Dining experience in the region. OPA!

George's Greek Village

535 Queenston St, St Catharines, ON L2R 7K6


A Summer to Remember

(Main picture, Tamwood Camp kids visit George's Greek Village for Dinner)

It has been an incredible summer at Georges Greek Village with unsurpassed crowds coming in the doors to enjoy the great greek food, atmosphere and of course, the patio!

A big highlight in July was a visit from Tamwood Camps, an international camp that hosts kids from around the world. Three busloads of hungry kids from the Toronto location came have dinner in Georges Banquet Hall after a day of sightseeing in Niagara Falls, where they enjoyed scrumptious buffet before heading home.

Below George and Front of the House Manager Daniela strike a quick pose with staff from Tamwood in between serving up the food!

Tamwood visited again in August and we look forward to seeing them again soon!

So besides lots of banquets, special occasions delicious feature dishes and the daily crowds, a very special occasion occurred in August and that was the marriage of George and his wife Cheryl's son Brian (who also works in the restaurant)!

Congratulations to Brian and his beautiful new bride Mr & Mrs. Kountourogiannis who were married in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario August 24th.

Right, George with his wife Cheryl share a happy moment with the bride and her family!

Looking Ahead

It's been a wonderful season in so many ways sharing food family and fun with the whole Niagara Region at George's Greek Village.

A big thank you to everyone for making it a fantastic summer to remember! OPA!!

George's Greek Village

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What Food Should you Order from George's Greek Village?

Having trouble choosing what to order from our menu? When everything is this delicious, we know it can be a difficult decision! To help you out, we've grouped together some options (there are many more!), depending on your food preferences, or dietary requirements. Now, go get your Greek on!

The Carnivore

If you don't consider a meal a proper meal without a healthy serving of meat, then we have some fantastic options on our menu for you, like our meat lover's Mezedes, an assortment of succulent meats like pork, chicken, lamb chops and gyro charbroiled the Greek way!

Or how about our take on the burger, this mouth-watering, 100% homemade lamb burger, topped with tzatziki, roasted red pepper and feta!

Love the taste of a juicy steak? Our Brizzola from the Village is a 10oz New York Strip cooked the way you like and topped with roasted red pepper, feta cheese, drizzled with olive oil!

The Vegetarian

The Greek diet is famous for featuring lots of fresh vegetables, so we have a number of delicious offerings on our menu where veggies are the star! Choose from our array of fresh salads, a delicious Veggie Souvlaki Sandwich or for a truly authentic Greek experience, try our flaky Spanakopita stuffed with fresh boiled spinach mixed with feta cheese baked in filo pastry!

The Health Conscious Eater

Believe it or not, it IS possible to eat out and still be healthy! For any health conscious eaters we offer a huge range of low- calorie and low-fat options on our menu that will leave you feeling satisfied with none of the guilt! Opt for our traditional Greek salad with chicken breast, or choose our famous Chicken from the Village and switch out the roasted potatoes or rice for a healthier side salad.

The Seafood Lover

If you're a huge fan of seafood then, boy, do we have a treat for you! From our delicious Filet of Sole to our ever popular, Kalamari made of tasty, fresh lean squid, floured in our secret spices and fried to perfection we have a seafood dish that will satisfy all palettes!

At George's Greek Village, we definitely have something for every taste! Visit us soon to check out our entire menu full of delicious, homemade and authentic Greek cuisine!

We're Pumped for Patio Season!

Finally good weather and warmer temperatures are upon us again in the Niagara Region and that means patio season at the restaurant!

If you've never experienced it first hand for yourself, we invite you to do so this summer. Our perfectly situated outdoor space is nestled right beside the Welland Canal where you can watch ships pass by just feet away.

Fun Fact: Did you know the Welland Canal, which connects Lake Ontario to Lake Erie, carries about 3,000 ships a year? That's a lot of scenery from our patio to enjoy while you enjoy delectable greek cuisine!

Below, taking a picture as a ship makes its way through the canal.

The great thing about the views is that even if you don't get a seat on the patio (currently we can take about 40 guests), the large windows in the main dining room or banquet hall are situated so that you can still see everything.

Below a view from inside...

Another day at full capacity on our patio below!

Enjoying a cold one on a hot day...

Below, the patio transforms at night with the ambience of lighting...

Overall, it's a wonderful way to spend a day or night at George's Greek Village. The only downside of our patio is that is fills up quickly!

Here's a further overview of out patio space:

We look forward to seeing you soon and enjoying this great time of year with food, drink and the beauty of outdoors!

Chances are, if you've visited George's Greek Village, you've had the pleasure of meeting George's "right hand woman", Daniela Goldsworthy, the front of the house Manager of the restaurant.

Daniela's passion for people and bringing top notch hospitality to each and every guest who comes through the door are an integral part of the experience when you enter the front doors, so we thought it would be great to catch up with her and find out a little more about her in this month's Employee Spotlight!

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself and Your Journey Into the Restaurant Business?

I am a mother of 3 children and a grandmother of 8 and spending time with my family and making memories is what it's all about.

My background professionally is the hospitality industry (travel and tourism). I worked in Niagara Falls for approximately 25 years in some of the larger hotels as the Assistant Executive Housekeeper.

Working in the hospitality/service industry definitely has its rewards when you meet people from all over the world.

So How Did This Lead to Working at George's?

I have known George and his family from the days when they owned the Pine Centre Restaurant in Thorold, but it wasn't until 2003 that I actually started working in the restaurant business part-time when they purchased another greek restaurant on Lake Street.

It was in 2014 that a big shift happened in my career though, when the Kountourogiannis family purchased this venue on Queenston Street in St. Catharines.

After many discussions with George and his dad, I not only made the full time transition to this location, but George also asked me to help run the front of the house as the Manager.

What Are Some of the Highlights Since It all Began?

Being part of the journey of George's Greek Village from the very beginning has been wonderful.

Watching this site get rejuvenated from the ground up was incredible and then hearing the positive customer feedback about how they loved the new experience, the amazing food and the service was just great.

Also being a part of the many functions that take so many hours in preparing like the weddings, anniversaries, showers, birthdays, etc. on top of our daily clientele, has been truly rewarding because I know I've been a part of making these important events memorable for people.

To see the end results of everyone celebrating is really something special. Meeting new patrons, returning patrons and the challenges daily are all what makes the job so satisfying for me!

Do You Have any Personal Favourite Dishes?

That's a hard one! I have to say I really don't have one favourite greek dish as I enjoy all of George's dishes including his variety of feature dishes.

(Below, Daniela and George)

What Keeps You Inspired in Your Position at Georges?

I'd have to say being part of such a great team.

Working with George and our entire support staff is really exciting for me and how it all has contributed to incredible feedback from our customers.

It's so exciting to know I've been a part of this new chapter of George's Greek Village that's now become Niagara's new hot spot!

Finally, I would like to say a very big thank you to George as it has been an incredible 3 years at George's Greek Village. I look forward to our future and what it has in store for us. OPA!!


(Main picture: George Kountourogiannis, owner of George's Greek Village in St. Catharines, ON)

Since opening their doors in 2016, Georges Greek Village Restaurant in St. Catharines has been dedicated to bringing the highest quality and freshest authentic Greek cuisine to diners in the Niagara Region.

The journey for owner and chef George Kountourogiannis to this point has been a long but rewarding one. One full of uncompromising hard work, a passion for food passed down through the family and now the satisfaction of owning a successful restaurant that bears his namesake.

It all started just a few short years ago, when the lease expired on George's previous greek restaurant location on Lake Street and he decided to leave it all behind to start fresh at his new establishment on Queenston Street.

In this up close and personal interview, George reminisces about the history of the restaurant, the future and his love for cooking.

Overall says George, "It's been an incredible adventure over the past years. It's been extremely hard work but so unbelievably rewarding. Sometimes in life it's time to move on and I am so glad we did. I wouldn't change a thing and I can't wait to see what's next."

Feeling the Love in February!

February is the month of love and here at George's Greek Village, there was a lot going on that made it memorable!

To start with, we decided to introduce a new event called Galentine's Day, on February 13th. For those that may not be familiar with it, "Galentine's Day" is the nonofficial holiday where "ladies celebrate ladies."

A big thank you to all the wonderful groups of gals who came out to enjoy the evening with us and make our first Galentine's Day Dinner a success!

Below, enjoying each other's company and our featured menu (which included a 3 Dip Platter, Shrimp Souvlauki, Baklava and Thalia wine).

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always a favourite time for our customers to bring the ones they love for a romantic meal. This year we celebrated the night with a packed house and some incredible feature dishes like our Lamb Lollipops Appetizer and Entrees that included: New York Strip and Shrimp topped with a Bearnaise OR Oven Baked Salmon topped with our White Wine and Dill...

below; Also, an extra special touch to the night was a proposal! A special congratulations to Steve and Suzie who got engaged at dinner...

Family Day

We can't forget the month of love without mentioning families! Family Day was on February 18th and the restaurant was open so that families could spend quality time with their loved ones with a great meal.

And speaking of holidays and family, we thought we'd share a couple of pictures of George's trip to Greece this month!

The Acropolis of Athens
George's father's village in the mountains
George outside the original family home of his father and a shot of the interior which he hopes to restore...
A wonderful pop up street market in Greece (about 5-8 blocks long)
George with his cousin Georgia who lives in Greece

Overall, an eventful month of February, where we definitely felt the love at George's Greek Village!

A Year of Fun, Festivities, Food and so Much More at George's Greek Village

As the new year begins, it always seems like a wonderful time to reflect on the one that has just past...

2018 was memorable at the restaurant for so many reasons. We saw many new (and regular) faces, hosted an incredible amount of special occasions and of course continued our tradition of not only bringing the best greek fare to the table, but experimenting with a lot of new flavours and dishes!

One of the things that is always so special is when a couple decides to celebrate their wedding day with us! Our year started off with a lovely reception in our banquet hall.

Below, a magical moment (January 2018), as the newlyweds' have their first dance as the sun sets and the guests look on...

Our banquet hall hosted many other great occasions and receptions as well including baptisms, First Holy Communions, confirmations, baby showers, meetings, birthday celebrations, retirements, bus tours, a few more weddings, sport teams and the list goes on.

Corporate events were also a big part of our business. Because of our proximity to the Welland Canal it seemed fitting that when the St. Lawrence Seaway officially opened on March 29th that the SLSMC executives from Ontario and Quebec gathered at George's to commemorate this significant event and we were honoured to have them here!

Below, Captain Chesney Thorne tips his hat at Lock 3 during opening celebrations. Thorne's ship, the Algoma Niagara, a 740-foot-long self-unloading bulk carrier, was the first to traverse the Welland Canal upbound. (Photo Credit: Niagara this Week)

With the warmer weather and the water thawed, that also meant that our patio season was upon us again and it was busier than ever out there this year!

We even got to see some celebrities in the mix,

Below, Sandi Richard host of Fixing Dinner on the Food Network Canada enjoys a meal with her family...
The view from our patio this past summer (August 2018)...better than ever.

Another really rewarding thing we get to do here at George's is get involved in the community and this past year was no exception.

One such event was the Pop Up Market for the Niagara Life Centre (a local support organization to assist those in crisis) which was held at the restaurant in March and December. It was not only a lot of fun for us but helped showcase local vendor's wares all in support of a great cause.

Below, the market in action (November 2018), at George's Greek Village where there was a large variety of unique handmade items, jewellery, oils and much more.

Folks who attended the Market also enjoyed lunch or dinner at the restaurant and as always our popular Chicken from the Village dish was a big hit.

Feature Dishes are another thing that really took off this year at the restaurant. Friday and Saturdays George regularly cooked up some magic in the kitchen for guests. One of the highlights was always the Lamb Shank Dinner!

Before we knew it Christmas came and it always is a busy season for us, but also one where we get to make some special treats to celebrate the season.

Below, our famous Christmas Cookies "Kourabes". Made by the one and only George's mom: Mom Toula!

And speaking of family, we have to share the exciting news that George's son Brian officially joined the team in the kitchen!

Below, Brian who has many years of experience working with his dad in the past, is all smiles as he lends an expert hand with the chicken kebobs!

And what better way to wrap up the year in review than to thank everyone who voted for us as the winner of The St. Catharines Standard Readers' Choice for #1 Greek Food Restaurant and #1 Patio in the Niagara Region!

The Holiday Season at George's Greek Village

It's that time of year again when the weather gets colder and the snow starts to fly, putting us in the mood for another beautiful holiday season here at George's Greek Village.

Christmas is a time when tables are set with foods that have become tradition, passed from generation to generation. Foods that bring back warm memories and bring families together to enjoy.

Here at the restaurant, delightful dishes like our homemade Baklava (main picture) are a perfect example of holiday fare that many of our customers enjoy this time of year in particular, even though we serve it all year round.

It's a classic Greek pastry made with crushed walnuts, cinnamon and sugar, layered with delicate filo pastry, topped with our secret syrup. The result? A crunchy and sweet taste of heaven in every bite!

In the northernmost Greek prefecture of Evron in the region of Thrace, a special sesame Baklava is made on Christmas Eve. Since it contains no dairy products and eggs (forbidden during Advent), it can be enjoyed the night before the fast ends on Christmas Day.

Galaktoboureko is another traditional Greek dessert enjoyed over the season. At George's our special vanilla custard and cinnamon layered with delicate filo pastry is topped with our secret syrup that is a must try your next visit to the restaurant. Golden crispy perfection!!
Kataifi (pronounced Kan-ta-EE-fi), is a traditional pastry favourite made with a special form of shredded filo dough which looks like vermicelli pasta. This beautiful dessert is covered with our secret syrup and topped with vanilla cream and is a wonderful addition to any meal, or just as a creamy treat with a hot cup of coffee (or beverage of choice)!
Kataifi - When one is not enough!
And let's not forget about our traditional Greek Christmas cookies, Kourabiedes! Greek Christmas butter cookies are soft and fluffy with a crunchy bite and rich almond and butter flavour. Kourabiedes, (pictured below) will certainly set you on a festive mood! You can purchase them by the piece, half dozen and per dozen.

At George's Greek Village we have so many delicious dishes, from classics that are associated with the holidays in every corner of Greece to regular favorites, and of course our always evolving weekend feature dishes that bring a little art to the kitchen every weekend.

Be sure to call us for reservations for your holiday get- togethers in the coming weeks.

On a final note, however you spend this wonderful time, we want to take a moment to thank our customers for another great year. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas or as we say in Greek: Kala Christougenna!


Feature dishes at George’s Greek Village Restaurant have become something special that customers look forward to on the weekends that are not on the regular menu. “It’s all about having something new and different”says owner and chef George Kountourogiannis. “If I can introduce a feature and people love it and it catches on, then I consider it as something that I can hopefully put on my menu. You always want to try something new and see if it works!”

One of the first features George did when the restaurant opened was a pork shank dinner and it went over well… But really, that was just the beginning, because it inspired the idea of making features a regular occurrence. George says that after the pork shank, there was a lot of talk between himself, his food supplier and cook Dimitris who worked with him at the time, and they decided to take it to the next level with a feature lamb shank dinner. The feedback for this feature was incredible,remembers George.
“The lamb shank was crazy. Everyone went nuts over that dish and I have never seen a response like we had for that one and from then on we just tried to make a feature every weekend.” Lamb Shank Dinner has been a huge success as a Feature Dish. The next feature worked on was a stuffed chicken with spinach instead of the roasted red pepper and it became a regular thing that afternoons in the kitchen would be devoted to taste testing new ideas and recipes to delight customers with fresh tastes and experiences on the weekends.
Feature Appetizer: Shrimp Saganaki
For inspiration George says, “I tell everybody to give me ideas and they do.”
After an idea is created, it’s all about taste testing to make sure the dish is perfect and thinking outside the box, although this philosophy goes for everything at the restaurant. “I mean who would have ever heard of simple syrup in a roasted red pepper sauce, laughs George, “and it is so good that people want extra for the side. But I always tell the guys working in the kitchen less is more. Because it can be overpowering and you have to get the right balance.”
Stuffed Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper and Feta
George also gets inspiration from the chefs he works with at the test kitchens of Sysco Canada in Woodstock. “I will throw out ideas like, here are five proteins that I want to create some new dishes around and they will take those foods and createsomething. If I like it, I will take the basic idea and make it my own creation.” For example, George took a simple lamb lollipop recipe, added some of his own spices for the breading, sometzatziki, bruschetta and feta and a feature dish was born!
Feature Dinner: Lamb Lollipops
Weekend after weekend many feature dishes have been part of the weekend lineup over the past two years…
Feature Appetizer: Loukaninko
Feature Dish: Striploin and Shrimp topped with a mushroom demi glacé and feta
So, what’s up next on the menu for George?
“Well I’m working on something called pork drummies, they are going to be incredible but I still haven’t got the sauce where I want it yet!” Drummies aside, the features are something everyone can continue to look forward to in the future. Says George, “Iwill continue to do delicious and well-priced features because it’s all about the wow factor for the customers and keeping them coming back for more!”


This past weekend was a time for reflection and celebration for owner George Kountourogiannis, who took a chance that paid off big time when he decided to purchase and revamp the old Frado’s Steakhouse by the Welland Canal and convert it into the modern greek dining establishment it is today. The building went through a huge renovation process initially that took over a year, but the final result was well worth it with its spectacular woodwork features, amazing views and modern facilities.

Inside the dining room at George’s today. Diners enjoy the cozy atmosphere on anniversary night, Friday Oct. 6th 2018…
Cheers to 2 years and Happy Anniversary to George’s Greek Village Restaurant!
The one side of the dining room that winds into 4 distinct sections that form the main part of the restaurant, in addition to the banquet facilities in the back and the outdoor dining space…
Enjoying an appetizer of George’s delicious greek salad before the main course arrives…
Getting ready to dig into the special feature of the anniversary weekend, the ever popular Lamb Shank dinner!
George’s Greek Village is an amazing place for families to dine and have fun!
The back area of the restaurant, which doubles as a dining and banquet area also features priceless views of the Welland Canal with its large picturesque windows…
Lets not forget about that view from the patio! This has been a huge draw for locals and tourists alike as they sit outside and watch the boats pass by. An autumn view from the patio with the Welland Canal and St. Catharines Skyway forming the backdrop…

George’s Greek Village has truly become the Garden City’s recipe for success through the years not only because of the dining facilities and location, but because of the incredible people that make it happen and the food that keeps you coming back for more. Kountourogiannis himself is so passionate about his restaurant that he never takes a sideline to the workings of the day to day business, often spending 15 hours a day in the kitchen, perfecting his delicious dishes before they hit the floor. George’s passion for the business and his ability to embrace hard work is infectious but it has definitely been the wind behind the sails of the unprecedented success that the restaurant has seen since opening. Says Kountourogiannis, “what used to be a line up at the door on the weekends is now one every night!”

Happy customers line up at the door waiting to be seated in the restaurant…
George Kountourogiannis and his staff working hard this past weekend in the state of the art kitchen of the restaurant…

Some front of the house staff take a moment to pose for the camera

A Variety of Dishes Has Continued to Flow Through the Kitchen at George’s Greek Village Restaurant

“Another big part of the success we have seen I believe is because we not only create traditional favourites that our customers love week after week prepared with the freshest ingredients, but the fact that I am constantly trying to develop new and interesting twists on our traditional greek fare”, says George. Below Lamb Lollipops and Lamb Shank dinner. Two of the mouthwatering feature creations George has has come up with that keep customers coming back for more.

Lamb Shank Dinner
Lamb Lollipops

A Winning Combination

Says George, “we have always believed in “good food, good portions, good service at a good price” at the restaurant. I take care of the food aspect and it is my right hand woman Daniela who is in charge of the front of the house and makes sure everything runs smoothly for our customer’s dining experience”. Daniela in the main dining room, not only ensures excellent service for the daily customers but helps coordinate all the many banquets, functions and many promotional aspects of George’s to the tourist industry which she says has “completely exploded over the top this past year with its popularity.”

About Georges Greek Village Restaurant

Owner and namesake George Kountourogiannis worked for many years in the Kountourogiannis family restaurant business before opening doors to George’s Greek Village Restaurant in 2016. Located in St. Catharines, Ontario on the Welland Canal, Georges Greek Village is a family friendly restaurant that features authentic greek cuisine, regular weekly specials, take-out, banquet facilities and is able to accommodate all other special occasions. Ample parking make George’s a must visit for bus tours and tourist groups alike. During summer season, the patio can hold up to 40 people and features regular passing of the ships through the Welland Canal.

Georges Greek Village
535 Queenston Street,
St. Catharines, ON
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