A Culinary & Seasonal Celebration!

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a ship passes by the restaurant patio

Embracing Spring and Culinary Joy

As the days grow longer and the first blossoms of spring appear, George’s Greek Village is thrilled to welcome everyone to the restaurant at this beautiful time of year! As nature reawakens, the past month has been buzzing activity and the excitement grows as we celebrate Greek culture, flavours, and patio fever!


Easter, a time of renewal and joy, holds a special place in our hearts.

In Greece, Greek Easter, known as Pascha, is a grand celebration that surpasses even Christmas in significance. It extends for an entire week, with weeks of fasting and preparation leading up to it. The customs and rituals during this time are taken seriously by Greeks, regardless of their religious inclinations. It’s not just about worship; it’s also a time for reflection, community, and family connection and of course the sharing of wonderful food.

At the restaurant we celebrated Good Friday and opened the restaurant at 4 pm where guests enjoyed a variety of delicious Greek food including our delectable fish dishes which are a favourite at this time.

Below our Filet of Sole is a light and delectable dish broiled in garlic, white wine and lemon.

Throwback Thursday Memories

We love reminiscing about the history of our restaurant! Recently we held a special contest for our customers to share with us some of their favourite memories from George’s Greek Village for #ThrowbackThursday.

One lucky winner snagged not one, but two chicken kebab takeout meals! Thank you to all our participants and here is the winning entry below!

Melissa Marshall wrote:

“It’s become a tradition for my mom and I to take in a Christmas show at The Shaw festival and then afterwards, go with both my mom and dad to George’s Greek Village for dinner. We have been going for 4 years now. They do up the restaurant very festively. Combine that with the charismatic servers and the always incredible food, no wonder it’s a tradition we look forward to year after year!”

Weekend Feature Dishes

Our culinary team is always hard at work, crafting delectable dishes that tantalize the taste buds. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our most recent WEEKEND FEATURES:

New Appetizer: SEAFOOD TRIO

Imagine a plate adorned with golden calamari, plump shrimp, and tender scallops. Our SEAFOOD TRIO is a symphony of flavors, topped with George’s homemade garlic aioli.

Red Snapper Extravaganza

The Red Snapper—a jewel of the sea—Pan seared and baked in the oven marinated with fresh garlic, olive oil and butter!! Our guests LOVED this seafood dish!

Bustling Atmosphere

Our tables have been buzzing with laughter, clinking glasses, and heartfelt conversations. The warmth of our guests’ smiles is our greatest reward. From families celebrating milestones to friends reuniting after a long hiatus, George’s Greek Village has become a cherished gathering spot and we love it!

The Welland Canal On March 22, the Welland Canal officially reopened, signaling the return of domestic and ocean-going shipping fleets. This 43-kilometer, eight-lock marvel connects Lake Ontario to Lake Erie, and guess what? One of those locks is right beside George’s indoor/outdoor patio at the Homer Bridge. As ships glide through the water, laden with cargo and stories from distant shores, we raise our glasses to new beginnings and look forward to seeing everyone soon! Kali Orexi!

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